Just when I didn’t expect it….


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I had an incredible date last night with a 40-something! And we’re going to see each other again! The stars have finally aligned and pigs are flying.

Name: Max

Met on: Tinder

48 years old, self-employed entrepreneur, divorced, 1 kid

He drove an hour south to San Francisco from fire ravaged Healdsburg, arriving 10 minutes early. He sent me a text letting me know he’d been seated at an upstairs table in the microbrewery.

I saw the text after I had parked, then sent him a text letting him know I was on my way inside.

I saw him sitting at a table next to the railing as soon as I walked inside, then made my way upstairs. He looked exactly like his photos: cute, light brown hair, blue eyes, big smile. He stood up when he saw me at the top of the stairs; we gave each other a big bear hug. He’s tall – 6’5″.

We barely stopped talking to take a breath over the next 2 hours. We ordered lumpia to share (my first time having it – awesome!). I ordered a beer sampler; he ordered an IPA.

We finished those, then ordered another round of beer. I opted for the saisson this time; he ordered another IPA.

We had engaging banter. We were interested in each other and eagerly asked about an equal number of questions.

He’s been separated for 6 years, divorced for 4. He has a 10 year old son that lives with his mom in Miami for 9 months of the year… an alternative shared custody arrangement. This is ideal for me because it means our child custody schedules won’t clash for 9 months out of the year!

He’s recently gone back to school to study screenwriting.

I found out that he, too, is a car enthusiast. We bonded over that. However, he almost got up and walked out when I called rims “hub caps”. Haha. We had a good laugh over that.

He had a package to deliver to a client in nearby Noe Valley and asked if I’d like to join him. Of course! We got some bonus chit-chat in the car there and back.

He dropped me off at my car, where we had two very nice goodnight kisses. The first one was a little frenzied and passionate. The second one was slower and more sensuous. Mmm, I like!

I couldn’t stop smiling the entire way home.

I sent him a text when I got home at 11:30, telling him I had a really nice time and that I hoped he drove safely. Then I crashed.

When I woke up, there were a couple messages from him. He didn’t get home until almost 1 am because PG&E was repairing damaged power lines over the highway.

He said, “Lauren, I had a super fun time with you tonight! And thanks for joining me on my delivery run. If you’re free, would you like to have dinner with me up here in Healdsburg on Thursday? There are great restaurants here and they need a return to business as normal! What do you say – I know it’s tight notice.”

Wow, a 2nd date?! An actual 2nd date with a 40-something?? I couldn’t believe my eyes.

(And he said he couldn’t stop smiling on his drive home, either.)

Unfortunately, I already have plans on Thursday. I suggested other nights. Looks like it will be nearly impossible to schedule something within the enxt couple weeks due to my kid custody schedule and his school and work schedule. Ugh. But we will work something out soon!

If we can somehow manage to see each other on a regular basis and if he can keep up with my sexual appetite, this may be the beginning of something special. I’m excited!

I’ve received a few messages on Seeking Arrangement. I responded to one… from a sweet and respectful 59 year old doctor. He “unlocked” his photos – he was attractive and fit! What struck me was how humble he was.

His message, in full: “Your photo is happy and cute. Not sure you’d be interested but why not try. I think we may be a great match. I do like what you have written about connection and conversation. I seek chemistry, connection, mutual respect, and sensual pleasures indoors and outdoors. Above all I would like to think we can both like and be kind to one another. My level would be about $3k/month. Figure it’s better to get the fiduciary parameters out of the way.”

Whoa. $3k/month?

I liked his photos and he seemed like a sweet guy. I responded with, “I think we should meet in order to assess chemistry and compatibility, then go from there.”

We set tentative plans for a Saturday morning brunch date. (He won’t know what his weekend schedule is like until Friday.) He sent me the name of the place he’d like to meet on Saturday – an upscale cafe downtown.

This could be fun!

The most important thing is chemistry, obviously. If we have mutual chemistry, I intend to ask a lot of questions about his expectations. For example, how many times per month would he like to see each other? Will I attend events with him and/or meet his friends? Will we travel together? By the same token, he’ll need to know that I won’t ever be available at a moment’s notice.

You guys, my social calendar over the next few days is nuts. Tonight: First date (drinks) with a 31 year old Tinder dude. Tomorrow night: Date #4 with Surfer Dude. Friday night: First date (drinks) with a 47 year old Tinder dude. Saturday morning: Possible first date (brunch) with 59 year old Seeking Arrangement dude. Saturday late afternoon: Possible first date (not sure what yet!) with 32 year old Tinder dude. Saturday night: Dancing with Jill and another female coworker. Sunday morning: First date (coffee) with a 46 year old OkCupid dude.

You won’t believe this but as I was typing this post I received a text from Irish Spaniard… the guy I had one date with last May who sent me an unsolicited dick pic when I told him I was taking a break from dating soon afterward. I’m not going to respond.


Seeking Arrangement


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Seeking Arrangement is a “sugar daddy” website… a virtual catalog of sugar daddies and sugar babies. It’s basically a traditional online dating site with a financial benefit twist.

The idea both fascinated and repulsed me.

I hadn’t thought too much about joining Seeking Arrangement until I read Suddenly Single in the Silicon Valley’s post about it yesterday. The only previous blog entry I had read about it was Hyacinth’s… and it had completely turned me off.

Suddenly Single in the Silicon Valley, also located in the San Francisco bay area, had a pleasant Seeking Arrangement experience and observed that there appeared to be some hot single sugar daddies on the site.

My interest was piqued.

Obviously, [if they were being honest] I already knew the sugar daddies on Seeking Arrangement were intelligent and successful… two qualities I look for in a dude. If they’re also looking for romance and a possible LTR? Well, fuck yeah! Sign me up!

It couldn’t hurt to look around the site and conduct a little experiment.

My daughter currently has the flu so I was at home with her yesterday and had some free time on my hands. I headed over to Seeking Arrangement, briefly read the “about” and “how it works” section, and did a quick browse for sugar daddies in San Francisco.

Oh yeah, there were definitely some attractive dudes in the 20-50 age range.

What was my goal? The beauty of this site is that it could be anything I wanted it to be. Could I really date dudes for cash? No, probably not. I may warm up the idea but for now it’s a definite no.

I wanted to start slowly.

My number one problem while enjoying an active dating schedule is the expense. I’m a 21st century modern woman. I always expect to pay for my share of a date. San Francisco is expensive for everyone and I am not dating for freebies; I am dating to find the next great love of my life.

I have a very strict budget for entertainment, and it includes entertainment for the kids as well. It’s a meager budget and it doesn’t go very far. I go on about 15 dates per month… obviously this a pretty glaring financial issue.

Dating on a strict budget is a bit stressful. And, honestly, I bristle when a dude drinks or eats more than I do yet we split the bill in half (but that’s a rant for another time). There’s honestly no way around it as far as I know… but you can see where I’m going with this.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was understood that my date would automatically pick up the tab on our dates? If he’s wealthy, why not?


I hit the button to create my own profile. Oh yeah, I was going down the rabbit hole.

The entire process was fascinating. On top of the basic stuff like choosing a username and inputting basic information like your age, body type, and education level, they asked what I was looking for and what kind of monthly compensation I was hoping to receive.

Um… hmm. I wasn’t sure what to put for the financial compensation question. At first, I checked the box that said “practical” monthly allowance ($2-3k). I eventually changed it to “negotiable” since I was on the site looking for a love connection, not an allowance.

I found it hilarious that the site can link to Amazon wish lists. I ignored that section. I didn’t want to link mine.

I was also very clear about why I was on the site and what I was hoping to find. I clicked the boxes stating I was looking for: active lifestyle, attentive, emotional connection, good listener, romance, long term, travel with you, and monogamous.

I suspect my profile won’t get a lot of interest because A) I’m not there for a typical no-strings-attached “arrangement”, B) I don’t have a flexible schedule,  and C) I’m a professional 40-something mom with 2 kids and responsibilities. I can’t leave town to travel the world on a whim with my sugar daddy because I have a job and kid custody arrangements.

It seems most guys on the site are looking for no-strings-attached or friends with benefits. A very small percentage say that they would be open to a long-term relationship if everything goes well. Those are the dudes I’m interested in meeting.

I submitted my profile, which immediately went for review. New profiles aren’t active on the site or viewable on the site until they’re approved by Seeking Arrangement.

I waited.

5 hours later, my profile was approved, live on the site, and viewable. I could see I was getting visits to my profile.

I went “shopping” and favorited some dudes in their 30s and 40s but made myself a Seeking Arrangement rule: I wasn’t going to send the first message. If my profile appealed to anyone, he would send the first message. In the meantime, I’d visit profiles and favorite the ones I liked.

I should note that the sugar daddies post their incomes, what they’re willing to spend on their “babies”, and what they desire in an arrangement. Some of these were laughable… like the dudes that make as much as I do. Really?! Oh, it must be nice to feel like you’re living large on a salary like mine, without dependents!

Even more baffling were the guys who made less than me. They have no business being on a sugar daddy website.

Honestly, a divorcee who makes less than $300k has no business offering a monthly allowance to a sugar baby. There would be nothing left after spousal support and child support!

I still haven’t determined whether the self-proclaimed single guys on the site are looking for something serious or not. I currently suspect that the single dudes are too busy in their careers to seek out a traditional relationship.

I did recognize a 35 year old OkCupid dude on Seeking Arrangement. I had actually liked him on OkCupid at some point in the past, but yesterday I saw him on Seeking Arrangement and favorited him there.

18 hours later and I’ve received exactly 3 messages. One of them sent a very sweet message saying he loved my honesty and transparency. Unfortunately, I’m not interested in any of them.

I’m going to let my profile simmer. I’ll respond only to the guys I’m interested in meeting.

Strangely enough, last night I received a message from a very attractive 35 year old winery owner on Tinder saying, “I’m a sugar daddy if you’re interested in exploring that.” What bizarre, unusual timing! I asked him for more details.

He said, “I’m looking for NSA fun.” I told him I was looking for something more substantial with the possibility of an LTR. He unmatched me almost immediately.

So there you go. My desire for something more than NSA and FWB on Seeking Arrangement might be futile. Time will tell. I have nothing to lose.

Tonight is the first of 5 kid-free nights in a row. I have a Tinder date with a cute 48 year old tonight. He lives in an active fire zone (in Healdsburg, which I thought had been evacuated!) and will be driving an hour south to San Francisco for our date. I am touched. We’re meeting at a microbrewery. Details coming tomorrow!

As of yesterday I’m now on 3 dating sites: Tinder, OkCupid, and Seeking Arrangement. Tinder has been yielding the most dates lately.

I finally broke the news to Foodie yesterday that I just wasn’t feeling a spark. He said, “Please excuse me but I’m surprised to hear that. I was into you, although you probably figured that. LOL. Thanks for being straightforward.” Aww. That sucked… but all’s well that ends well.

My ideal dating age & lifestyle


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Still no word from Midwest. What a clown. Guess I’ve got a new jacket [that I’m going to drop off for charitable donation]! It’s possible he’ll reach out now that he’s back from a weekend in San Diego… but I doubt it.

Foodie has been texting me regularly. This morning he sent a text saying he just realized we’d never set a date for date #2 and wants to know my availability. The time has come: I’ll have to break the news to him that I’m not feeling a spark. Ugh.

I had a lovely weekend in Capitola with extended family. I had a long chat with one of my cousins while there. She and her family live right in the middle of 3 major Sonoma county fires but, miraculously, have not been evacuated. They were in Capitola to escape the smoke and boredom.

They had unexpectedly run into one her son’s classmates and his dad while in Capitola. They live in Sonoma and had been evacuated. The dad and his teenage son hung out with us one night. The dad was super cute but I suspected he was married. Later, my cousin said, “Oh! Ben is single! He’s going through a divorce. I should set you up….”

Yes, she should. Haha.

My cousin asked about Mars and, strangely enough, hadn’t heard about Mars’ temporary lapse of sanity. (As I’ve said before, news travels fast in our family.)

What she said was really fascinating. She said, “It is scientifically documented that people lose their minds when they fall in love. Scientific mapping has shown that an ‘in love’ brain looks the same as a ‘psychotic’ brain.”

I was fascinated enough that I looked it up this morning and found several articles. Here’s one.

My cousin said that a coworker’s wife had a blatant affair with a married man. They both fell in love and then haphazardly tore apart their families without remorse. My cousin says her coworker doesn’t even recognize his own wife. Yep, that’s living life without a frontal cortex!

She asked if I was dating and I told her, yes, I was recently single. After telling her all about Hayden and how that relationship ended, she said, “You need to find a 50 year old with grown kids.”

I told her that dating 40-somethings and 50-somethings hasn’t been successful for me. Men don’t age well. The ones that do who are intelligent, fit, and attractive don’t go for the fellow 40-somethings; they go for the 30-somethings or probably even the 20-somethings. She made a comment about how the San Francisco dating climate must be pretty bleak. Haha.

I got to thinking more about it on my drive home. What age/life stage will yield the best result for me?

Never married, no kids in his 30s

1) Immature, not emotionally ready for a LTR, or 2) Actively looking for a wife & kids.

Divorced dad in his 30s

With young kids, it’s unlikely our custody scheduled would align.

Never married, no kids in his 40s

1) Afraid of commitment, or 2) Still holding out hope for a wife and kids.

Divorced, no kids in his 40s

This might be promising but is extremely rare. My ex-BF, Tex, fit into this category.

Divorced dad in his 40s

See also “single dad in his 30s”, above. This could be promising if he started a family early and has teenage kids or older. Again, very rare.

Divorced dad in his 50s

These dudes would have older kids out of the house so custody schedules wouldn’t be an issue, yay. However, 50-something men, in general, don’t take very good care of themselves and start looking and acting elderly soon after hitting age 50. See: Date #1 with South. The ones who take care of themselves are extremely rare but also have the pick of the litter and generally choose a woman much younger.

My conclusion? This was a depressing exercise.

It seems like my only viable options are to choose a rare mature 30-something, a divorced dad with older kids in his 40s, or a divorcee without kids in his 40s. This truly is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Tomorrow will conclude my 5-day kid-custody span and will begin my 5-day kid-free span. I have plans already scheduled for every single kid-free night: 3 first dates, date #4 with Surfer Dude, and a girls night out dancing with Jill and another single female coworker.

Given that I think I’m coming down with the flu, just thinking about the next 5 days exhausts me!

In other news, Suddenly Single in the Silicon Valley inspired me to join Seeking Arrangement. Details coming soon! My reason for doing it may surprise you.

Sloppy dog kisses


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I had another first date last night. We had matched on Tinder yesterday morning and immediately had great message exchanges. We messaged back & forth with each other while I was heading to work on transit. At one point, BART broke down and all passengers to be unloaded off the train. I texted him, “Dammit, BART is down! I’m still in SF and have no idea how I’m going to get to work now.”

Fortunately, they had it back up and running 10 minutes later and that’s when I saw the following message from Tinder dude: “I’m headed to Berkeley to run errands and can pick you up and take you to work on my motor bike if you’re ok with motor bikes….”

Aww. I was touched.

He seemed like a really nice guy. And he was cute, too: brown hair, brown eyes, and a nice smile. In that first hour of message exchange, I learned a lot about him. He was between jobs since returning last weekend from an extended vacation in Israel. He had an undergraduate degree in physics and a master’s degree in economics. He had taught mathematics at a local university this past summer. He had worked in various local restaurants as a bartender.

Since Lola had to reschedule last night’s dinner plans, I asked Tinder dude if he was free. He was!

He suggested an izakaya-style Japanese restaurant in my neighborhood. I’ve lived in my neighborhood for 18 years yet had never been to this place! I looked it up on Yelp and it had fabulous reviews. How did I not know about this place?!

We planned to meet at the restaurant at 7 pm.

Name: Foodie

Met on: Tinder

31 years old, currently unemployed, never married, no kids

He was already waiting outside the restaurant when I arrived at 7:03. We gave each other a hug hello and walked inside. It was crowded!

We were seated at a snug table toward the back elbow-to-elbow with other patrons. It was a tiny restaurant yet was loud and bustling.

We ordered several small izakaya plates – izakaya is like the Japanese equivalent of Spanish tapas. We had octopus takoyaki, sea bass, duck, and daikon salad. We also ordered a carafe of cold sake. Everything was amazing. I could have easily eaten double what we ordered (and thank god I didn’t – it was expensive!).

We also shared a dessert. I loved that he was a dessert guy. The dessert was ridiculously awesome: jasmine tea ice cream, candied red bean paste, and small deep-fried mochi balls.

Unfortunately, the conversation wasn’t fabulous. He talked about himself nearly the entire time. I think he asked me exactly 2 questions: Where I’m from and how old my kids are.

He lit up when he talked about food and the food service industry. He’s worked in several San Francisco restaurants and also seems to be a fantastic cook. He cooks at home often and told me about the meals he’d made that day. I was salivating and really impressed.

When the check came, he saw me reach for my wallet and asked, “How do you want to do this?” I told him I expected to split it. He responded, “I was expecting to pay, but a lot of women don’t seem keen on that. I don’t want to offend you.”

I told him I didn’t feel comfortable letting him pick up the tab knowing he was unemployed and actively looking for a job.

We split the bill. Holy shit, my share was nearly $60 including tip!

As we left the restaurant, he suggested taking a walk around the block.

I liked him but I wasn’t feeling sparks. I was also a little let-down by lack of dating conversation etiquette. Yet… he kissed me right there on the sidewalk.

It was actually rather unpleasant… very wet and sloppy. I felt like I was being mauled and/or eaten. At one point, he kissed my neck and left a huge slobbery wet spot. It even made my hair wet!

This was very concerning. I liked him fine before the kiss. But post-kiss? Eh.

He asked if he could come back to my place. I told him it wasn’t a good idea, that I was tired and planned to head to bed early. (Remember, I didn’t get much sleep the night prior with Midwest.) Foodie gently pushed the issue, saying he wouldn’t stay long. Finally, I just flat out said “no” and he dropped the issue.

Once at my car, he asked, “When can I see you next?” He knew I was getting my kids for the next 5 days. I offered a night next week. He suggested cooking something together at home – I thought it was a sweet idea.

He said, “I really like you. You let me talk and actually listened to me.” Haha. I didn’t want to break it to him that he actually talked too much.

Once in the car and driving home, I was conflicted. Despite him being respectful and sweet, he dominated the conversation and is a bad kisser. Should I really go on a 2nd date? Could I chalk up his dominating the conversation as an awkward first date mishap? Would he eventually calm down with the aggressive kissing?

Once I had arrived at home, he sent me a text asking if I made it home okay… and if I liked mussels. He’s already planning next week’s menu. He was very complimentary, telling me I’m really sexy and that he loves my smile. At this point, I’m embarrassed to admit I wanted quiet for the rest of the evening so I stopped responding.

He texted again this morning, asking me how my day’s going and if I got enough sleep last night. Aww.

Why can’t I shake the “meh” feeling I have about him? I should be excited about seeing him again next week but I’m not.

He seems really eager and excited. I think I should probably cancel but I don’t know what to say without upsetting him. I think I’ll just have to break it down by saying, “I’ve been thinking a lot about this… and as much as I enjoyed our date, I’m unfortunately not feeling a spark.”

Ugh, this sucks.

I’m still not fully rested. Searing neck pain woke me up at 5:30 this morning; I apparently pulled a muscle in my neck during yesterday’s workout. My day is tolerable thanks to ibuprofen.

I sent Midwest a text yesterday morning telling him he forgot his jacket and also said, “I hope your day is going well and that you’re not too tired.” I didn’t hear back from him until 7:45 last night. I am so not impressed.

He said, “Hey! I was exhausted today! I’m kind of forgetful. Hope you had a good day.” That’s it.

I sent a text this morning simply saying that I hoped he got caught up on some sleep last night. No word since, and I probably won’t until late tonight.

All of this isn’t surprising. Let me back way up.

Some history: I had actually matched with Midwest on Tinder last spring. We exchanged a few polite superficial messages and even made tentative plans to meet up one night. The plans never jelled because of his long work days. When I started seeing Hayden again and deleted Tinder, I naturally lost contact with him.

When I matched with him on Tinder this time, I immediately sent him a message saying, “Hi! I think we’ve matched / talked on here before.”

He responded, “I think we matched before… but I don’t think we met?” Wait… really? He wouldn’t remember if he’d actually met someone?

I told him of course we hadn’t met. I even went so far to say that I think we even made plans before but they never panned out. When he said, “Let’s fix that and actually meet”, I was a little surprised. Was it really going to happen? I was suspicious.

As you know, it did happen. But now we’re having problems with follow-through. This is likely a pattern with him.

Next! He might not get his jacket back. He can contact me if he wants it. I’m not going to hunt him down.

I still haven’t heard from Mr Perfect since our date on Saturday morning and at this point I don’t expect to. In my experience, the guys around my age aren’t interested in me. The rare attractive, intelligent, and fit 40-something dudes are probably looking for 30-somethings. Hell, they’re such unicorns they could probably snag a 20-something sportswear model.

In “boys behaving badly” news, I received a bold Tinder message this morning from a dude proposing we meet for hook up. I was surprised. Does this really work?! Sadly, it must work for some or else they wouldn’t try in the first place.

Since I’m getting my kids tonight for the next 5 days, I won’t have any dating news to report until next week. Hopefully I’ll be having some promising conversations with newbies, though.

I’m happy to report that I’ll be getting out of the smoke this weekend. I’m heading south with the kids to see extended family. I’m looking forward to breathing easy!

Brown ashen skies


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Smoke hangs thick in the air. My lungs are screaming. Even a brisk walk makes me lightheaded. The dozens of nearby fires continue to blaze.


Taken today at noon from my office

I have to clean up the layer of ash that collects inside my home daily.

I am most concerned by the urban firestorm that broke out in Santa Rosa one night. The dry, hot 40-60 mph winds were fierce that night so it was impossible to contain. The fires hopped neighborhoods and burned down thousands of homes (some with people caught inside) and businesses. That could have happened here in San Francisco! This was my impetus for finally purchasing renter’s insurance.

My cousin lives in Santa Rosa. Her house was spared but many of her friends and coworkers weren’t so lucky.

Many wineries in Napa and Sonoma counties are burned to the ground. I’m not sure at this point if my close friends and I will still still go on our Napa wine tasting trip next month that we’ve been planning.

In other more pleasant news, I had a fantastic 1st date last night. I was worried he’d cancel since he didn’t respond to my Tinder message that I had sent that morning. When he finally reached out at 7 pm last night, he said he’d been having technical difficulties with Tinder. We exchanged phone numbers.

We made plans to meet at 8:45 at a cocktail bar halfway between our homes. I dropped the kids off at Mars’ then headed over.


Name: Midwest

Met on: Tinder

34 years old, project manager, never married, no kids

He wasn’t my usual type with his blond hair and blue eyes, but I was drawn to him because he looked sweet and kind. And he had a photo of him with his mom in his profile! That’s always a big plus.

He reminded me a little of Ratbert, my ex-fiance.

I arrived at the bar just a few minutes before Midwest. It was packed inside! I saw him come into the bar and talk with the hostess near the front door. I waved and he smiled while making his way over to me. His smile lit up his face. We hugged each other in a warm embrace, like we were long-lost friends. He was friendly and genuine.

It was so crowded that we briefly considered moving to another nearby bar but, as we were debating where to go, we somehow lucked out by snagging 2 stools that opened up right in front of us!

I ordered a red ale; he ordered an old-fashioned and an IPA. He hadn’t yet eaten dinner but he didn’t want to eat alone so he asked for my input on what we should order to share. We opted for the ceviche.

We had lovely, easy conversation. We laughed a lot. He’s from Ohio but has lived in Argentina, Alabama, and Colorado. He works long hours in the south bay. I asked him about last weekend’s trip to Santa Barbara, and this weekend’s trip to San Diego. (He travels a lot.) He asked me about last weekend’s trip to the apple farms. I showed him photos.

The only yellow flag I could see is that he hasn’t had a long-term serious relationship. His longest relationship was only 1 year.

A major red flag is that he wants kids, and he’s dating to find a wife and start a family. I’m not sure why he swiped right on me.

As the evening passed, we progressed to lightly touching each other’s leg. The date was going really well, and I could tell we liked each other.

We closed the tab – he insisted on paying. What a nice surprise!

He asked if I wanted to come back to his place. I said, “Well, I drove and my place isn’t far from here. Would you like to come back to my place instead?” (He’d taken Uber.)

Back at my place, I offered him wine but he declined. We drank water instead.

I gave him the tour. He was impressed and said “Wow, it’s really homey and comfortable here. My place looks like a hotel – no character or charm.” We had our first kiss while standing in my kids’ bedroom.

I showed him my bedroom. Needless to say, we didn’t leave the bedroom….

We had sex over and over again. After the first time, he asked if it was okay that he stay over. I said, “Yes, of course! I’d like you to stay.” He set his alarm for 6:30.

We didn’t get much sleep. Unfortunately, his cock wasn’t as large as I’m accustomed to but the sex was still fabulous. We tried missionary position a couple times but he seemed only able to climax in doggy-style. We also mutually pleasured each other orally. (He’s really good at it!)

We finally fell asleep at 1 am, then woke up again at 3 to have sex again. We slept snuggled next to each other, all cuddly and kissy. Aww. I mumbled, half-asleep, “It was really nice meeting you earlier tonight. Isn’t that weird to say? It doesn’t seem like we just met each other….” He agreed.

At 5:30, he woke me up and said that he was going to get going. Huh? I wonder if I was snoring and keeping him awake. He called his Uber before he was even dressed, then left abruptly. I walked him to the front door then went back to bed.

This morning when I got up for work, I saw that he’d forgotten his jacket while quickly dressing in the dark. Guess he’ll have to see me again whether he wants to or not! Haha.

This morning I matched on Tinder with a 31 year old cutie who’s been really communicative and asking lots of good, insightful questions. Since Lola is sick and had to cancel our dinner plans for tonight, I suggested meeting tonight. He was game.

Our date is set! We’re meeting at a Japanese restaurant in my neighborhood. Update coming tomorrow.