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I had two dates last night. Only one was planned. There could have been a third but #3 was available later than he anticipated and I had already moved onto date #2 by that point.

Keep reading. I’ll explain.

My first date with Solar Man (so named because he works in the sustainable energy field) was planned 1.5 weeks in advance. We agreed to meet at Park Chalet at 5:30 for dinner.

Name: Solar Man

Met on: Tinder

46 years old, divorced, 2 teenage kids

We both arrived at the same time – great timing! We were seated at a table in the restaurant and all I could think was this table is so big! It was a table for two but it was long… so long that I felt like we both had to lean in to hear each other speak.

We ordered 3 appetizers and a beet salad to share. I ordered a beer; he ordered tonic water. (He doesn’t drink – red flag? Is he a recovering alcoholic???)

Solar Man was cute and charming. We enjoyed great conversation. Then, as dinner was finishing, he checked the time on his phone and admitted that he was meeting friends at the Academy for their Night Life event at 7:30.  Womp womp.

I was disappointed and a little irritated. I’d never had a date not schedule the whole evening for a date before. He lives in the south bay, though, and doesn’t get up to San Francisco often and has friends here so that might explain it. Still, I wish I’d known beforehand so I could have planned the rest of my evening. Is it just me or is that a little inconsiderate?

He walked me to my car and gave me an awesome goodnight kiss. Afterward, he cracked a joke about wanting to bail on his friends and spend the rest of the evening with me.

He was running a little late to meet his friends and practically peeled out in the parking lot.

I sat in my car and texted Colombian Hottie, my current fuck friend, to see what his plans were. I also texted a guy I’d just “met”/started texting with a few hours prior to see if he was available to meet up.

Colombian Hottie responded that he was still at work (at 8 pm… hello tech start-up life!) but would be available later if I wanted to stop by. Hell yes I did!

Newbie guy actually called me (awww!) and said that he could meet up a little later for a quick meet-up. He too was still at work (!!!) downtown but planned to be back in the neighborhood around 9. Perfect. (Yes, he lives in my neighborhood. Sweet!)

Not wanting to go home and disrupt the kids’ bedtime routine only to go back out, I went to a Starbucks and sipped decaf and read a magazine until hearing an update on whereabouts from either newbie or Colombian Hottie.

At 9:50, Colombian Hottie said he was home. “Come over.”

I still hadn’t heard from the newbie. So, naturally, I headed over to Colombian Hottie’s house. Literally as soon as I started my car, I got a text from the newbie saying he could meet in 20 minutes. Fuck me. I had to explain to him that I hadn’t heard from him by 9:30 so I’d made other plans. No worries there; he understood.

Once at Colombian Hottie’s house, we exchanged brief conversation then moved onto hot sex… the hottest we’ve had to date. We haven’t been fuck friends for very long (we’ve seen each other maybe 5 times total) but last night proves that it’s just getting better over time.  I am embarrassed to admit I was little worried there at first because it wasn’t great. I’m happy to report it’s heating up quite nicely.

Quick 411 on Colombian Hottie:

Name: Colombian Hottie

Met on: Tinder

30 years old, never married, no kids

He works full-time for a robotics start-up but is also a student. Meaning: he’s broke. But, bonus!, his busy schedule also means he doesn’t have much of a social life and is available for randomly timed booty calls. We have only met at a bar for beers two of the five times we’ve met up. The other three times I’ve gone straight to his house and into his bedroom. We like to get down to business.

This is obvious… but Colombian Hottie is from Colombia and h-o-t. He has a long, lean, cut athletic body and an adorable face: dimples, chiseled features, straight white-white teeth, thick dark hair. Cute accent, too!

I heard from Solar Man today. He texted me saying he was distracted at the Night Life event last night by thoughts of our earlier kiss. And he asked me out again. My dating schedule is booked for the next week-and-a-half (*blush*) so our next date is scheduled for Thursday, January 22nd.

Colombian Hottie is heading to Colombia tonight for a relative’s wedding so I won’t be hearing from him for a few days.

I’m off! I have another date tonight. A first date. Not sure what to think about this one….