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Friday night’s date didn’t go so well. We met at the awesome El Techo de Lolinda rooftop restaurant bar in the Mission. Incredible views, great food, amazing cocktails. It would have been fabulous had my date, Cleveland, not been socially awkward.

Name: Cleveland

Met on: Tinder

29 years old, never married, no kids

He had several photos posted on Tinder. He was cute – awesome smile! But in person? He looked at least 10 years younger. What the fuck?! I’m sure I appeared excessively cougar-ish to the other patrons. Or maybe they thought I was taking my young nephew out on the town. Geezus.

El Techo was crowded. We eventually found a table. I ordered a mezcal cocktail; he ordered a tapa (he doesn’t drink).

Cleveland had rough social skills. He would not stop talking about Cleveland. I swear to God he talked at least an hour straight about his hometown, citing facts, figures, statistics, historical data, personal anecdotes.

He asked me just one question during our three hours together.

Finally, around midnight, I suggested we leave. We walked together for a couple blocks then said goodbye to each other on a street corner. We hugged. I did not want a goodnight kiss.

I got a text from him later that night, thanking me for meeting him out. He said he’d love to do it again soon. That was sweet.

…But could I handle another evening with one-sided conversation? Or was it a flukey first date and second will be better?

I’m not sure I want to find out.