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I had another first date last night. It was awesome. I’m on cloud 9 today despite getting just three hours of sleep last night.

Name: Smith

Met on: OK Cupid

31 years old, has been engaged but not married, no kids

He looks like Aaron Paul, who I have a big crush on.


Aaron Paul

We agreed to meet at El Techo de Lolinda at 8:00. (Yes, the same location as my date with Cleveland last Friday night.) As it turns out, El Techo was completely closed for a private event but Lolinda, the restaurant downstairs, could seat us if we agreed to leave by 9:00 for said private event. We agreed.

We each ordered a cocktail and split a tapa. Awesome conversation flowed freely and easily. 9:00 rolled around and I suggested we continue the party at a nearby bar. After a quick look at Google Maps on my phone, we decided to go to The Sycamore bar a few blocks away.

We walked to The Sycamore with our arms around each other, then ordered beers once there and continued the great conversation. We had a lot in common.

Soon, The Sycamore was calling last round. Huh? At only 11:30??!  We stayed until they closed at midnight then decided to head to another nearby bar, Elixir. On our way to Elixir we detoured into The Monk’s Kettle, a Belgian restaurant/bar with 200 beers. I was delighted to see that they carried my favorite beer ever, Weinstephaner weiss.

Lots of talking, tons of laughing. By this point, both of us were a little tipsy. As I stood up to use the restroom, we kissed… which quickly morphed into a short but passionate makeout session. Damn, he’s a good kisser!

He complimented me the entire evening; it was really sweet. He repeatedly told me I looked 28, how beautiful I was, and how getting so little sleep that night was “worth it”. I think I’m in love.

We stayed at The Monk’s Kettle until they closed at 2:00. We started our walk back to my car, getting just half a block before we stood on the sidewalk and made out for an hour straight, stopping to occasionally laugh hysterically at the absurdity of it all.

It got heated.

And then eventually I got cold and suggested we go to my car to warm up. We sat in my car for another hour making out. I knew by his kisses that he’d be an amazing lover. I had fantasies of ripping our clothes off and having crazy sex in the back seat of my car. My logical side told me I needed to simmer down and take it easy. It was almost 4 in the morning, after all, and we were parked on a city street in a busy neighborhood.

Finally, we realized we needed to call it a night and get a couple hours of sleep since we both had to work today. We marveled at our 8-hour long first date that we didn’t want to end. So, naturally, he asked me out for this weekend. Smith is certainly promising.

I dropped him off at the BART station so he could catch the 4:07 train back home to Berkeley.

Three hours of sleep. Exhausted, yes, and with very sore lips but still smiling.


Colombian Hottie is due home tonight. He’s been sending me sweet flirty texts since he’s been gone and wants me to come over tonight. I told him it would be really late – after midnight – because it’s Mars’ night out and asked if that was too late. He replied, “Never too late for you.” Be still my heart!

Cleveland has been texting me multiple times per day and has repeatedly asked to see me again. He said such a great first date needs an encore. Really?! I’m a little surprised he thought it went so well.