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I have had an unusually quiet weekend. Both my weekend dates, Guy and Smith, are sick!

As a result, I did not have a Friday night concert date with Smith nor did I have a Sunday night fuck date with Guy. Mars is even sick. He had to cancel his Saturday night date and gifted me his night out. I was ecstatic to receive an unscheduled night out and texted several guys… but, alas, could not find anyone who was available. Boo.

So I stayed in and went to bed early, of course getting a midnight booty call text from Colombian Hottie as soon as I was climbing into bed (early, for once!). I was exhausted and just couldn’t do it. He was texting me earlier the evening but he was out with a coworker.

I was hoping we could try again tonight but it’s already 10:30 and I haven’t yet received an invitation. I’m not sure I want to solely be a midnight booty call.

What a disappointing weekend. It’s a holiday weekend and I haven’t had a single date! I hope I haven’t lost my mojo.