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No, no… it’s not what you think! I didn’t get busy with Smith last night. I’m just getting busy in the dating department once again.

Last night’s date with Smith was fantastic. We went to Suppenkuche, a German restaurant I’d been wanting to try for years, for dinner. I ordered the roasted half-chicken stuffed with dumplings and a side of potato pancakes. Smith ordered the pork sausages with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. We had a couple beers each – he stuck with doppelbock and I stuck with my good ol’ Weihenstephaner weisse. Awesome food although the restaurant was so crowded and so loud that we practically had to yell to carry a conversation.

After dinner, we walked to a kitschy pirate-themed bar, Smuggler’s Cove. We both ordered specialty rum cocktails and sat in the upstairs loft area, then made out for a while when the other patrons started clearing out. I could tell Smith was tired. This was his first full day out & about since being stricken with the flu. I suggested we turn in “early” (at almost 1 am – hahahaha!). He checked the BART schedule; next train was at 1:02. That gave us 10 minutes to get to my car then drive to the station. It was doubtful we’d make it in time but we tried anyway.

We didn’t make it. I said, “Well, damn, we have an hour to kill until the next train. We’ll have to find another bar….” Smith didn’t seem disappointed.

We went to Zeitgeist biergarten. I hadn’t been to Zeitgeist in over 15 years and was surprised it was still around! I ordered a Paulaner hefeweizen; he ordered a cider. We sat talking and sipping beer until Zeitgeist kicked us out at 1:45.

I reluctantly drove us to the BART station. We were a little early so we sat in my car and made out. Damn. Such sweet kisses! He tore himself away at the last second, almost missing his train.

I like him and am charmed that he hasn’t tried to cop a feel. Just kissing, no groping. Awww. He’s such a gentleman.

While I was on my date, I received a text from Colombian Hottie asking me how my day went. I responded this morning, saying that it went well. He responded, “I was hoping to see you last night. 😦  I guess you were having some fun in the city. :)”

I responded, “You didn’t invite me! Tonight maybe? Tomorrow night for sure? I went out to dinner then drinking with a friend.”

Friend. Hahaha.

We have plans for tomorrow night. Oooooh, an actual pre-planned date with Colombian Hottie! This hasn’t happened since the night in November we met.

Hopefully we can make it an early-ish night. I plan to bring my vibrator and lots of good music.

Mr. Promising returned last night from visiting his father in Chile. How have I not mentioned him here before?!

Name: Mr. Promising

Met on: OK Cupid

44 years old, separated from his wife, 2 young children

Mr. Promising is promising. He is perfect boyfriend material… if I were looking for a boyfriend. He is successful, classy, good looking, honest, a great communicator, responsive with the texts (this is an issue with lots of guys, including Smith), we have so much fun together, and we have so much in common. Let me reiterate: We have so much in common it’s almost spooky.

We both moved to San Francisco around the same time, we both got married around the same time, we had our kids around the same time, and we split from our spouses around the same time.

We were even born around the same time. (He’s 5 months older.)

We both had similar issues in our marriages.

The downside to Mr. Promising is the possible lack of chemistry. I am still assessing it so I don’t know for sure. I think the fact that he’s my “peer” is throwing me off. We haven’t slept together yet so maybe that will be the clincher. “I might like you better if we slept together” – Romeo Void’s Never Say Never.

We’ve had 3 incredible dates so far. The last 2 dates ended with makeout sessions, no groping. Impressive. Even more impressive is that he always insists on picking up the tab for everything. Wow.

He is interested in me. Very interested. I know this because he has told me. Today he asked when he could see me next. Our date is scheduled for next Thursday. Stay tuned.

Unfortunately, I will be date-less this weekend. Mars will be out of town, which means I won’t have childcare. Sadness.

Today Switzerland asked me if he could stay with me at my new place for two weeks in August. Whaaaatttt?! We had one date, back in early December, before he moved back to Switzerland. (No, there was no sex on our date… unless you count me giving him a blowjob in the back seat of my car during a flash flood.) We have been texting regularly ever since. He is adorable, sweet, 26 years old, we met on OK Cupid… but I barely know him!

I told him that might be difficult and that it’s hard to say when it’s so far away. I mean, a lot can change in 7 months! Child custody issues aside, I might even be seeing someone exclusively by then.