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I had a super sweet movie date with Texas last night. He asked me to meet him at his house after work and also asked if I could stop to buy a 6-pack of beer on my way. No problemo. I also bought sparkling water for myself plus an emergency package of feminine napkins. Ugh. My 5 days of spotting had suddenly turned into full-force torrential gushes. It was awful. I normally wear a Diva Cup but had forgotten it at home. I didn’t buy tampons because of the BV.

As soon as I arrived at his house, he said he needed to have an awkward conversation with me. Uh oh. He then proceeded to tell me that since the last time we’d seen each other, he was intimate with someone who has since tested positive for chlamydia. Oh fuck.

He said they used condoms but that they did “other things” that could have transmitted the bacteria to him. Huh? I didn’t ask him to clarify but I’m guessing he was talking about oral sex. I had no idea it could be transmitted orally. He said the possibility of him being infected was unlikely but still a possibility.

Bottom line: We wouldn’t be able to have sex that night. I then told him I couldn’t have sex because of my BV and my bloody downpour.

I do admit I felt a little awkward about things for the next half-hour or so. My suspicions that he was seeing other women had been confirmed… and how did I feel about that? Getting upset about it would mean I had a double-standard. And interrogating him would mean that he would probably do the same to me. I wasn’t ready to answer questions about my dating and sex life.

We ordered gourmet burgers from the restaurant bar next to his house then took them back to his house and started the surprise movie: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, one of my favorites. Awwww. He is so thoughtful. It was his first time seeing it. Afterward, he said he preferred the movie over the play. I agreed.

We then listened to music for the next couple hours while chatting, snuggling, and back rubs. Then, later… making out.

The making out gave way to groping. My hormones were raging.

I said, “Shit. What are we going to do?”

“I have some ideas…..”

We went to his bedroom and pleasured each other manually while snuggling and kissing each other tenderly. It was so very sweet and touching.

He called me “Baby”. It wasn’t the first time… but this time it made me a twinge angry. Does he call the other women “Baby” too? Does he really have feelings for me? I am the one he doesn’t use condoms with, after all…. Does that even mean anything?

But mostly I loved the intimacy. I didn’t fall asleep there like I usually do and set the alarm for early because I had forgotten my damned Flagyl and was now 3 hours overdue taking my dose. Plus, my pad was soaked and disgusting by that point and I just wanted to get home and properly cleaned up.

As I was sitting down on the floor to buckle my shoes I soaked through my pants and probably onto his rug. I was mortified.

Texas has certainly seen me at my worst and yet still likes me. And I am crazy about him. It’s an internal struggle I have with myself: I care about him but I also know it would never work because of his polygamous preferences. I, on the other hand, expect monogamy if/when I am in a relationship.

Before I left, he asked when we could see each other again. He threw out two dates. This Saturday is out of the question – I already have tentative plans with Smith. The other date, a week from tomorrow, is looking like a possibility but it would involve also spending the evening with 5 of his friends. I’m going to think on it.

Cleveland has been texting me several times daily… sending me photos of sunsets or talking about our mutual love of vintage cars. It’s very sweet. Today he even sent me a link to a Craigslist car classified ad and said, “We need this car.” He asked me out for this weekend but I have an easy excuse to say no: I’m moving.

Now I’m wondering if I should agree to a second date. Maybe our first date wasn’t a fair indicator. Thoughts? Feel free to vote and add your 2 cents in the comments section.

On that note, it is awesome to be dating multiple guys while moving. Most have generously offered up their heavy box and furniture moving services. Wow.

Guy contacted me today. He never beats around the bush with pleasantries. He got right to his burning question:

“Have you slept with anyone else since we last saw each other?”

“Yes. It’s been a month since we saw each other! You haven’t been available.”

I thought he’d immediately become huffy and storm off, never to be heard from again… but instead he blamed work on his absence. (Dang, all these workaholic guys! I can’t take it.) We had a surprisingly long text conversation. He usually sends 3 or 4 texts and then disappears for several days so this was a good sign.

Do you see how he’s falling in love with me? – Cher, Clueless

I have a date with Mr. Promising tomorrow night. He’s saying he might cook dinner for me. Awww!

Saturday is a tentative date with Smith… if he returns my text to confirm in a timely manner.

Sunday is a date with a newbie. 28 year old structural engineer from Tinder with a background in drama. Intriguing! We had a long 1-1/2 hour phone conversation tonight. I love his laugh.

More later.