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Last night’s date with Mr. Promising was fabulous. This was our 4th date and, since he was cooking me dinner, I was going to be seeing his house for the first time. I brought a bottle of lemon seltzer water (I am teetotaling for antibiotic reasons); he made delicious chicken curry, turmeric rice, and green salad with yogurt dressing.

He gave me the grand tour of his flat. It is huge! It is ridiculous by San Francisco standards, especially for just a 2-bedroom. The hallways are nearly as wide as my bedroom.

We ate dinner then moved to the living room to continue chatting and sipping seltzer. We slowly inched our way closer to each other on the couch and then eventually were making out. I kind of expected this would be the night we’d consummate our relationship because we’d finally have some privacy.

I was right. And it was awesome.

He is a doting lover… yet my favorite part was possibly the post-coital caresses. He kept apologizing for not being able to keep his hands off me but I was eating it up. I loved feeling his hands all over me. Serious goose bumps.

I left his place around 1:45. I am exhausted today.

Today was my official moving day! After dropping the kids off at school, I did a string of frenzied errands for the new place. Trader Joe’s (hand soap) –> World Market (dining table & draperies) –> Sleep Train (mattresses) –> Target (bedsheets, laundry detergent, and a toaster).

I had the dining table loaded into my car by the nice World Market associate but had no idea how I was going to get it out of my car. It was probably at least 300 lbs. of metal and wood. I had to pick up the kids from school in the early afternoon and would have nowhere for them to sit unless I was able to get this thing out of my car.

Fortunately, the elusive Intensity came to my rescue.

I’d had one date with Intensity almost 3 weeks ago. We had lots of fun! We met for a drink at a bar then got pho for dinner. He had a way of making me feel like I was the only person in the world, which was very charming. He was unfazed by the distractions of people laughing at the next table, people walking by, the TV in the bar. Dude can focus.

He talked about how he was going to abduct me and take me with him next time he was going to go to Seattle or Lake Tahoe on business.

He paid for everything without batting an eyelash. I mention this only because it seems to be unusual in the current dating world.

After dinner, we went back to his place for hot sex. He texted me the next morning to tell me how tired he was (we were up until 2 am) but then I didn’t hear from him for about a week. It was a bit irritating.

Name: Intensity

Met on: Tinder

32, never married, no children

Anyway, he texted me on Thursday asking to see me this weekend. I told him I’d love to but already had my weekend scheduled. He responded, “If you find the time I’d love to see the new place or have you over for a movie and wine.”

He texted me again this morning asking if I could come by for morning coffee. I told him I was doing moving-related errands; he asked to see the new place. We texted each other back & forth all morning and, finally, when I realized I needed help getting the dining table out of my car I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to see him. I would be killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. I asked if he was also available for lunch.

He was eager to help. He arrived at my new place with Peasant Pies for lunch. Awwww.

We had passionate sex on my bedroom floor, moved the table into the house, then tried to turn on the oven to heat the pies… only to find my oven wasn’t working. Intensity’s lunch plans were foiled. We decided to go out for lunch instead. I insisted on paying.

His availability today was especially serendipitous because he’s a workaholic. He just happened to have a slow day today. I have no idea how I would have removed the dining table from my car otherwise.

I heard from both Colombian Hottie and Argentine Man today. I was so busy I didn’t have much time to respond. Must do that tomorrow.

Mr. Promising and I exchanged a few texts today. In one he sent me the recipes from last night’s dinner that I had requested.

Newbie called me again today. Awww.

I will name him Ivy League.

Ivy League reminds me a lot of The Blond Mandarin. They have the same laugh, the same sense of humor, the same voice inflections when speaking. Additionally, Ivy League will call just to chat like The Blond Mandarin did. They even look similar.

I have really been missing The Blond Mandarin.

Ivy League has decided he’s going to cook me dinner for our first date tomorrow night. Yes, this is risky for a 1st date but he insists it will go well. Haha. He’s a romantic and super sweet… tells me how lucky he is that he met me the day after he signed up on Tinder, how lucky he will be to spend time with me, and has said I am “one in a billion”. He texted me a photo earlier today of the bay view from his balcony and said, “I will kiss you in front of this view.”

Chivalry is not dead. He’s a charmer for sure.

Tomorrow night he will be cooking angel hair pasta and his famous marinara sauce (he’s part Sicilian). I will be bringing wine.

Stay tuned.