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Smith and I had our 3rd date last night. He wanted to see my new place so I invited him over with the caveat that it was not “lived in” yet and still missing some key pieces of furniture… like dining chairs, bookcase, and TV. It was really too bad because he was hoping we could relax and watch a movie.

I felt a cold coming on. I was sneezing and my sinuses felt itchy and fuzzy.

We agreed to meet at my new place at 8:30. I asked if he could pick up some beer on his way. I only had a small bottle of prosecco, which was literally the only edible item I had in my house.

He arrived 20 minutes late, saying traffic was bad, with a couple large bottles of Belgian ale plus a bottle of stout. I had no idea he was coming from the east bay; I had mistakenly thought he was going to be watching the Super Bowl in San Francisco.

He looked so cute! Big green eyes, dark blond hair, killer dimple-y smile and he was wearing nice dark gray jeans, black tee with a plaid shirt over the top, and gray suede boots.

I gave him a tour of the flat.

We settled onto the couch and shared a bottle of ale, then moved onto the prosecco, toasting the Patriots win (he’s from Maine) and my new flat. I told him my idea of doing a night hike up to the park on a hill in my neighborhood to see the city lights. He was game.

I grabbed a flashlight on the way out. The night was unusually gorgeous: the stars were out and it surprisingly wasn’t too cold. We walked with our arms around each other… then, after finally arriving at the summit, we sat on a bench and talked while watching the city lights. We made out for a bit.

Eventually we got a little chilly and decided to head back to the house. Once at home, we decided to break into the bottle of stout and put on some tunes (MGMT). We resumed making out and, when it got hot and heavy, I suggested we head into my bedroom.

We made out and groped each other for about an hour before he asked if he should get out a condom. Um, yeah!

He felt so good. I was thoroughly enjoying him for about 10 minutes… until he lost his erection. He said his stomach was really upset. I was disappointed. But I also was apparently exhausted… apparently so exhausted that I was out like a light!

I bolted awake an hour-and-a-half later. He was awake and lying next to me. I noticed that MGMT was still playing on repeat and apologized. That must have been annoying. It was 1:30 am.

My nose was stuffy by this point so I asked if I had snored – he said yes. I was so embarrassed! His stomach was still upset so he asked if I had any antacids. No, I unfortunately didn’t.

We made out for a while longer before calling it a night. We both had to work today. I am not yet staying overnight in the new place so I couldn’t ask him to stay the night. I look forward to doing that!

I sent him a text today to make sure he got home safely last night, asked how he felt, and again apologized for the snoring. He, being a total gentleman, said I “snored softly… and only for a minute.” He is too sweet.

I told him that next time he should stay overnight.

So all’s well that ends well… I hope! Let’s see how much time passes before he asks to see me again.

I heard from Mr. Promising, Switzerland, Guy, Ivy League, and two newbies today.

My week ahead: I have plans with one newbie tomorrow night given that I’m feeling better. I have a sex date with Guy on Thursday. I have a second date with Southern Charm on Saturday night, then a date with Texas on Sunday night.

I will be showing Texas the new flat… and letting him into my world for the first time. We’ve known each other since September and it has always been on his turf due to my living situation. Mars and I understandably had a rule that no dates were allowed into the house.

I haven’t spoken of Southern Charm before. You’ll hear more about him after Saturday night’s date.