This cold is kicking my ass so, unfortunately, I had to cancel my 1st date tonight. That was a first for me. I hate canceling! If I make plans for a specific date, I like to follow through or else a reschedule would get pushed so far out due to my aggressive dating schedule.

Sorry guys, I currently have a 10 day waitlist.

However, in this case we had to reschedule so far out (for Tuesday, February 17th) because he’ll be out of town next week mixing business with pleasure in Park City, Utah. I’m glad it wasn’t my fault.

I just realized today that Valentine’s Day is only 11 days away. It makes me both nervous and sad. Will I have a date on the day of the year reserved for love and passion? I’m beginning to doubt it.

Any guy I’m dating would have to presume that we are serious enough to spend such a day together… and I don’t think any are at that point yet. It would be too risky.

…But I may be wrong.

Will any of my dates ask to be my Valentine?

This will be interesting. The suspense is practically killing me. Place your vote on who you think would be most likely to ask me for a date on Valentine’s Day in the comments section below. If I had to guess, I’d say maybe Mr. Promising or Texas.

Honestly, though, I don’t think I’ll have a Valentine this year. It will be my first time not having a Valentine since 1998 and the thought makes me a bit verklempt.