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I did something rash yesterday. I disabled my OK Cupid profile and made myself “undiscoverable” on Tinder. This is big! But the bottom line is that I was feeling a tad overwhelmed. I needed a break from the messaging frenzy and I also had enough guys I was regularly dating plus a couple newbies in the wings I’d be meeting soon to keep me busy for at least the next month.

I had matched with a new guy on Tinder Wednesday night, right before putting OK Cupid and Tinder on lockdown. We spent most of yesterday exchanging texts. We had a lot in common and seemed to “get” each other. He’s a professional writer, which intrigued me.

He looks like James Marsden. I’ve always loved the dark hair/crystal blue eyes combo. I will call him James.

James Marsden

Our experiences with online dating came up and I divulged to him that I was starting to get burnt out on dating. He said, “We should meet for a drink before you burn out.” Awww. We made plans to meet on Friday the 13th. How’s that for a lucky first date? Haha.

Guy canceled our sex date last night because he was working late (typical for him) and was paranoid about me getting him sick. So, when I got a text from James asking if I could meet him for a spontaneous drink meet-up, I jumped at the opportunity.

He lives in the next neighborhood over so we made plans to meet at a bar in my neighborhood.

Name: James

Met on: Tinder

37 years old, never married, 1 child

We immediately hit it off in person and were at ease with each other. We were fast friends; it was like we’d known each other for years. We each bought a round of beer and talked up a storm… covering his parents to travel to Prince and everything in between. When the bar closed at 2, he offered to walk me back to my house. On the way we talked about my new place and how I was letting the new furniture off-gas. I hadn’t been there since Sunday so I wasn’t sure if it still reeked or not. I surprised even myself by asking, “Want to go see?” He was all for it.

My new place is 7 blocks from my current place, all uphill. During one very steep segment, he nudged me up the hill. That was sweet.

Once at the new place, I gave him the grand tour then we started making out in the hallway. We quickly moved into the bedroom and then had the most amazing sex for the next 3 hours.

Yes. 3 hours! Our bodies fit together perfectly. We both marveled about how it was like we were made for each other. He was passionate and eager to please. He kept calling me “baby” (he said he surprised even himself by calling me that, saying it just felt right). I told him I liked it.

When I noticed the time at 5:30, I was stunned the time had passed so quickly. I had to be home by 6:00! I didn’t want the kids waking up early and seeing me coming in the door from the night before.

I set the alarm for 5:50 and we snoozed while snuggling. After we woke up and got dressed, he walked me home in gale-force wind. A big rainstorm was expected to hit any minute.

I got an hour of sleep before having to get up for the day.

We have been exchanging flirty, witty texts almost nonstop today. We marveled at how well our first date had gone. He asked if he could see me again before next Friday. My heart was melting. We made arrangements to see each other Tuesday night.

Then he typed, “Does it freak you out that I canceled a date I had scheduled for tomorrow?” I asked him if I had anything to do with it. He replied,” I am really busy right now so I need to cut some things out. And I’d rather see you.”

Awww. Be still my heart!

A while later, he said it was too bad I wasn’t available this weekend. I told him I could make myself available. He was thrilled.

So I cancelled tomorrow’s date with Southern Charm. I am a terrible person. But I do have a nasty case of laryngitis today. It started last night. My voice was cracking on my date with James last night; late this morning the cracking had turned to full-blown laryngitis. I’m sure the 1 hour of sleep last night didn’t help.

So, yes, James and I already have plans to see each other 3 more times this week. It seems like we’re speeding our way to “significant other” territory. Today he shared photos of his son, his nephew, and his deceased parents via text. I am touched.

I think I might have a Valentine this year, after all! Stay tuned.