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So things with James were probably too good to be true. We hung out last night and had a really lovely time… but then had a major misunderstanding.

The plan for our 2nd date last night was to get Chinese take-out (San Tung) and watch a DVD on my laptop, as I don’t yet have a TV set up in my new place. We agreed to meet at my new place at 7:30, where we’d peruse the take-out menu together, call in the dinner order, and then drive to the restaurant together to pick it up.

As I was driving to my new place, I got a text from him saying that he’d be a little late because the next train wasn’t due to arrive for another 15 minutes. I was a bit annoyed. Shouldn’t he have worked out the train schedule beforehand? I became even more annoyed when he asked me the best bus/train/transfer to get to my house. Um… I don’t know! I haven’t taken public transit since before having kids 11 years ago.

He’s been using public transit for years; shouldn’t he have this worked out by now?

The reality was that I was starving. I’m not accustomed to eating so late so I told him I’d pick him up. It would simply be much faster that way.

I picked him up and suggested we order then and there without having to go back to my house first. He placed the phone order and was told it would be 30 minutes before we could pick up. 30 minutes! That meant we’d have to go back to the house, after all.

Back at the house, one thing led to another. We lost track of time and didn’t pick up the dinner order until an hour later. Oops!

We went back home, ate cashew chicken, broccoli beef, and eggrolls, drank a couple glasses of red wine, and talked and talked.

We started kissing while talking… and then he carried me into the bedroom. We had sex over and over again. The movie obviously didn’t happen.

The sex was hot and passionate and so sweet. He called me “baby” and “sweetheart” repeatedly and showered me with compliments. He really wanted to cum inside me but, being that I’m not on birth control, knew it was off-limits. We talked about it, though… as something we would do once I was on reliable birth control.

Words may have become mixed in the heat of passion… and I realized that he had climaxed inside of me. What?! I asked him to confirm. He did.

I asked what we would do if I became pregnant. He said, “I guess we’ll just have to see in a couple weeks.”

I know my cycles pretty well and know that I am currently at my most fertile. It’s ovulation time!

Shit. I kept my cool. I was so tired so I slept. We had sex a few more times within the next couple hours but he wasn’t able to maintain an erection for very long. He cursed all the masturbating he’d done that day and the day before while thinking of our 1st date.

Finally, I asked him to set the alarm for 5 am. I wanted to get back home by 6 am, before the kids woke up.

His alarm did not go off. I bolted awake at 5:57 and freaked out. I got dressed, cleaned up the dinner stuff from the night before, and then woke up James. He was surly from lack of sleep.

I wondered if I was detecting some attitude from him.

Being that I was in a rush to get home, I thought it was polite to offer to drive him to the train line he’d have to take to get home. We kissed goodbye and then he groggily got out of the car.

I went home and crawled into bed. When I woke up at 9:30, I saw that he’d texted at 7. He said the train line I dropped him off at wasn’t running at that hour… so he had to walk home. Halfway home it started pouring rain.

I felt bad. However, there are other ways to get home when the trains and/or buses aren’t running. Hello, Uber and Lyft! Or even a cab.

I expressed surprise at hearing the train wasn’t running at 6:30 on a Sunday morning. That’s not considered that early.

I didn’t hear from him for 6 hours. Once I did, he seemed agitated. I asked if he was mad and he gave me a sarcastic answer in return. Seriously? What the fuck?!

Yes, he was obviously mad. I asked if he wanted to talk about it because I was confused. He asked why I was confused; I told him I wasn’t clear why he was upset.

More sarcasm. He said, “Oh, you mean besides the fact that I was half asleep and you dropped me off at the N stop when there wasn’t one coming for another 70 minutes and then I had to walk home and it started pouring halfway there? Yeah, I guess I’m odd.”

Whoa. I was stunned. I had to restrain myself from telling him to fuck off.

Instead, I calmly told him I had no idea the N wasn’t running and asked him if he was blaming me for that.

By this point, he wanted to drop the conversation but I was not having it. I was blown away that he could be angry at me. What did he really want from me? What should I have done??

He eventually realized he was an adult and had a part in it, too. He told me it wasn’t my fault. He apologized.

Things ended okay by the end of the evening but I am wary. I am not liking this volatile side.

For most of the day I had a hideous headache and was bedridden. I also ran out and bought the Morning After pill. After thinking long and hard about it, I didn’t want to “wait and see” if I was pregnant in two weeks. $40 for a hormone pill would be cheaper than an abortion or an actual baby later.

Pill taken. No real side effects to speak of. Hallelujah!

I saw Texas tonight. I invited him to my new flat. I have lots to share about that but it must wait until tomorrow. I am beat. Until next time….