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A little history: Sex with Texas is always awesome. He is always rock hard; he has never had an issue maintaining an erection and can perform for several hours, even orgasming repeatedly in one evening. He is also very creative. We have experimented with outdoor sex and light bondage. My most favorite sexy memory is probably the time we had intercourse on his bathroom countertop. The height was just right, I was extra wet, he felt extra good, and I could see both of us in the mirror when I turned my head to the left.

I have been seeing him somewhat regularly since early September. While things were lusty and exciting at first, I have noticed lately that they’re shifting. It now seems more comfortable, more familiar, more calm. Sweeter.

I saw Texas last night.

I had actually cancelled due to not feeling well. When we tried to reschedule for later in the week, we couldn’t seem to match our schedules. Finally, he said, “Are you sure you don’t want to cuddle tonight?”

I did. I absolutely did!

I opted back in. I told him to meet at my new place at 9. I arrived a little early in order to change the sheets on my bed. However, Texas also arrived early. Luckily, I had at least already pulled the crusty bed sheets off by the time he arrived.

It would be Texas’ first time seeing my new place. This was important. In all the months we’d known each other, I wasn’t able to show him my world. I finally could.

It was awesome seeing him. I gave him the tour and then offered him some beer. I had a bottle o Belgian beer leftover from Smith’s visit. We sipped beer, talked, and listened to music.

He invited me to watch him DJ on Friday night. He has just started doing some DJing on the side as a hobby. I told him I wasn’t available (I already had plans with James) but wished I was. I think it was sweet that he wanted to invite me along.

He asked about my upcoming weekend. I shared that I might have to go out-of-state for my beloved grandpa’s funeral. My grandpa wants a Valentine’s Day funeral.

I asked him if he’d received his test results. Yep, negative. Yay!

We eventually moved into the bedroom and had sex. Very sweet, tender sex. He was so gentle. It felt good… intimate, comfortable. At first he was teasing me by only inserting the tip. I asked him why he was torturing me like that.

After he climaxed, we stayed wrapped up in each other. It was heavenly.

I was close to dozing off. Whenever I opened my eyes, I saw him looking at me. Studying my face. I felt really close to him.

He said, “It’s too bad you won’t be around this weekend. I was hoping we could get together.” Was he insinuating a Valentine’s Day date? I wanted to ask but thought that would be too forward, too presumptuous.

I told him nothing was set in stone yet but that I would probably know by Tuesday.

He had to leave around 11:30. He didn’t want to miss the last BART train out of San Francisco at midnight. I drove him to the N line Muni track. It was perfect timing because the train was right behind us.

We kissed goodbye and he jumped out of the car to catch the train.

I can’t wait to see him again.