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Last night James and I met at Assab Eritrean restaurant for date #3. We had a great dinner but, honestly, I found a few minor things annoying. I fully admit that I’m probably over-sensitive now because of the “walking home in the rain” blame game he pulled last weekend.

He is a bit arrogant. He talked about himself a lot and kept mentioning how busy he is. I get it; I’m busy, too… but I got the impression he thought his time was more valuable because he is busier (he is running his own business and is having to tutor on the side for extra money). It almost seemed like a contest to him.

He also nearly harassed the waiter because he wanted to make several impossible substitutions. When the waiter said no but that he could order the dishes he wanted on the side, James said, “Oh, I don’t like this at all.” He seemed to want extras thrown in without having to pay for them. Red flag. Of course, I might have misunderstood….

When it was time to leave, he seemed dismayed to find out that I didn’t drive. My car has been randomly not starting so I didn’t want to take a chance on getting stranded. (All is okay. I took it in to the shop today and, fortunately, it just needed a new battery.)

“How will we get back to your place?”

“Umm. The bus?!”

We missed the bus and could have simply waited for the next one 20 minutes later but then I remembered that Lyft was having a $2 Lyft Line deal. I ordered a Lyft and we had a driver within 1 minute. Sweet! Although it wasn’t just $2; it was $5.55 for the two of us. Still, not bad.

Back at my place, we had awesome sex for over an hour then laid in bed for the following two hours talking and cuddling.

I am happy to report he had no issues maintaining an erection this time. Well, at least not the first time. Second time was a little more hit & miss.

At dinner I had told him that a better plan would be to leave my place before falling asleep so we wouldn’t have the seemingly problematic issue of falling asleep then waking up and walking home in a groggy daze. He agreed.

So, around 12:30 am we both dressed, pulled ourselves together, and headed home on foot. We had gone about a block and down about 80 stairs in the dark before he realized that he left his phone charger at my place. Are you fucking kidding me?!

He was at my place just 3 hours! He really needed to charge his phone while there?

I was not too nice about it. I asked, “Do you really need it? Can you make do without it?”

He said it was his only charger and what would happen if his phone battery died?

I let out a big sigh and realized that, yes, we needed to turn around and go back. Up an incline, up 80 stairs in the dark, and back to my place. I unlocked the doors and let him in while I waited outside.

Once he retrieved it, I locked up again and we repeated the stairs in the dark. Deja vu.

Seven blocks later, he kissed me goodbye in front of my house and continued on to the train. He now knows not to complain to me about missing trains or buses. I had the big Lyft/Uber/cab discussion with him already. No excuses, dude! Be an adult and take responsibility.

Driving into work this morning, I decided that I would rather see Texas on Friday instead of James. After all, I’d already seen James three times this week.

I texted Texas: Do you still want company DJing on Friday? My plans changed.

He responded: Yeah! Come hang out with me in Oakland. 🙂

We discussed logistics and then he said that afterward we could maybe get greyhounds at Café Van Kleef. Oh my god, the greyhounds there are to die for! They use ruby red grapefruits and fresh squeeze them right there at the bar in front of you. He knows I love Van Kleef’s greyhounds so I thought it was extra sweet of him to suggest it.

More updates….

I had deliberately left tomorrow night unplanned. I figured that if I didn’t have a date, I would just plan a rare night at home relaxing.

However, I received a big surprise text from Superman. !!!! Remember, Superman was my first post-breakup kiss last August. We went out four times total, having sex on date #4 after our hike. That was back in early November.

He doesn’t do well with texting and gets overwhelmed easily. At first I became easily agitated about it but then he eventually divulged why… and the reality is that he’s a mess. He has a severe clinical combination of ADD, OCD, anxiety, and depression. His doctor is continuing to tweak his medications but most of the time he feels like shit. I feel bad for him but at least I now understand the situation. I can’t take it personally.

Superman texted me saying that he’s housesitting for a friend in Oakland and asked if I was available to hang out within the next couple days. It is really a miracle I had tomorrow night unplanned!

So now he and I have plans to take a walk around Rockridge neighborhood, get dinner, and then watch a movie on Netflix back at the house he’s housesitting. This is big! I’m still shocked that he thinks he’ll be up for it. We’ll see.

I’ve been hearing from Ivy League again since yesterday after a noticeable withdrawal. When he texted me yesterday and said he wanted to see me again, I expressed surprise. I said, “Really? I thought you weren’t interested. You’ve been MIA.” He blamed my being sick on his being MIA. What?! I was still going to work every day; I wasn’t that sick. He is clearly a germophobe… another thing he and The Blond Mandarin have in common.

Today he reiterated that he wanted to see me again and when could he? I told him I could next Thursday. He said, “Even better.” Then I said possibly Sunday. He responded, “Both.”

So we may have two dates next week. Whoa. I told him I’d let him know about Sunday… as it hinged on whether Mars had a date or not.

And, of course, I continue to hear from Mr. Promising regularly. He checks in daily. Awww. He asked me if I was dating much since I’d been sick lately and I responded, “Not really”, then explained how I’d deactivated my OK Cupid account because all the incoming messages were overwhelming and stressing me out.

He responded, “I’m glad I got in before all that noise.” So sweet!

And Racer X. I continue to get regular emails from him 1-2x/week. He melts my heart but he lives in New Jersey. We don’t have any plans to see each other again but we hold out hope that it will happen again. Someday. Somehow.