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What a shitty day.

Twenty minutes into date #5 with Superman, my mom called to tell me that my grandpa had died. That was… awkward.

I was expecting the news so it wasn’t a surprise but it was still weird to get the news while on a date and then trying to brush it off and have a good time afterward.

Superman and I took a long walk around the Berkeley hills then had dinner at a Cuban restaurant. We split a pork sandwich – it was awesome.

We made small talk for most of the date. I mean, we hadn’t seen each other in what I’m guessing was 3 months so we were basically catching up on several weeks of news. Then I cut to the juicy chase at dinner: I asked him how OK Cupid was going for him. He’s practically a professional OK Cupider as he’s been using it about four years on & off. He said he’s been inactive on it.

We shared some dating stories. I got some feedback from him on some crazy dating experiences and also lamented the flakiness that I’ve been noticing from guys lately. He said he had some odd experiences with women either trying to kiss him immediately after meeting up or else not looking at all like their online photos.

I cut the date short because I wanted to go home and make some phone calls to family… and revel in my awesome memories of Gramps.

As Superman and I said our goodbyes, he said he’d like to see me more often now that I’ll have more alone time (i.e. 50% custody with the kids). I told him that I’d leave the ball in his court because I knew he got overwhelmed easily. He thanked me for that.

I received a text from Ivy League while on my date with Superman. It said, “Well?”… and then it hit me that when we made plans to see each other “Thursday”, I meant next Thursday and he thought I meant today. Oops! I cleared that up as quickly as I could but I think he was kind of disappointed… or bent out of shape… or something. He responded with a short, “oh ok” and then silence.

Tonight Cleveland invited me to go on a road trip with him. That was… um… surprising. He sent me some photos of his trip to Bolinas and Pt. Reyes. When I responded that I loved Bolinas and Pt. Reyes, he responded, “I think that if we hang out more and keep liking each other, we should go on a coastal road trip. But that’s down the road. No pun intended.” I guess I’ll have to break the news to him soon that I’m not interested in dating him. Ugh. That will suck. He’s a friend now.

Southern Charm contacted me again today. I wasn’t expecting that at all. He asked me out this weekend, which obviously won’t work (I will be heading out-of-state for a few days early Sunday morning in order to attend my grandpa’s funeral). We made loose plans to see each other next weekend.

I will be posting some history about Southern Charm soon! For now I’ll just say that I almost named him Hands. I still fantasize about feeling his hands all over my body on date #1 last month. It was especially hot because he was so into it.

As for Smith, I did end up texting him this morning. I sent a short text asking him how he was doing. He responded this evening. Twelve hours later. And, yes, just as I expected, he’s not that into me.

He said he and his ex-girlfriend are giving it another go and he won’t be available to hang out anymore. He did say it was awesome meeting me and that he had a great time whenever we saw each other. He was sweet about it, very gentlemanly. I appreciated his honesty. But it still stung.

I knew something was “off”. My intuition is smart. I should listen to it more often.