I have returned from my emergency road trip. Saying goodbye to Grandpa was hard. The 17 hour drive each way was hard. However, maneuvering the roads was a piece of cake. Luckily, we enjoyed crystal blue skies and zero snow the entire time. (The kids were disappointed about the lack of snow.)

I am back in the dating trenches once again after a short break.

Ivy League had to cancel our date last night because he is sick. Poor dear. He is running a fever and his throat is on fire. He called me last night for the first time in two weeks. It was great to talk with him again. He makes me laugh! He wanted to Skype but I was on my way out the door for a first date. Newbie and I made these plans last-minute and since Ivy League had canceled, I was shockingly available.

More to come about last night’s date with newbie (he’s a billionaire!) in the next post… but first I want to document my date with Texas last Friday night.

Friday the 13th. Texas was supposed to be guest DJing (he does this as a hobby; he works in high-tech for Apple) and had invited me to join him. As I was driving to Oakland, he texted to tell me that he wasn’t going to be DJing that night, after all, and to just meet him at his place.

I arrived at his place at 8:45. He still had not eaten dinner (!!!) so we took a Lyft to a diner. I sipped a beer while he ate eggs, toast, and the most delicious espresso/stout/chocolate milkshake I have ever tasted. While he was eating, he said, “So what happened with the original plans you had tonight?” I had made plans to see Texas after I’d told him that my plans fell through.

I was available only because I had canceled with James. Well, “cancel” is not really the right word. We haven’t contacted each other since that last date. We apparently had an unspoken understanding that things just weren’t going to work out between us.

Texas’ question took me off-guard, though. How do I explain what happened with James?

I stammered a bit then simply said, “I had plans to see a friend but we had a misunderstanding, a ‘falling out’, and therefore don’t want to see each other.”

Texas seemed amused. I don’t think he bought it. In hindsight, I wish I’d just told him I had a date but canceled because things weren’t going very well. That might have been a good segueway to discuss what’s going on with us because, really, what is going on between us??!!

I told him that I was available to stay the night at his place that night if he wanted, as I was leaving town the next morning and would prefer not to backtrack over the bridge again if I didn’t have to. He was pleased. He asked, “I get you all night?” and smiled. So it was settled.

After eating, we headed a block down to Café Van Kleef. We ordered their famous greyhounds. They were stronger than usual and not as tasty. We stayed for one drink then headed to a club down the street. Being our first time there, our cover fees were waived and we were given a private tour by the manager. It was an awesome place but not our scene at all. Hip hop music. No.

We stayed long enough to drink a specialty cocktail then took a Lyft back to his place. Back at his place, delicious hot sex.

It was nice not having to set the alarm for 4 am to go home. He did wake me up at 5 am for a long, leisurely fuckfest, though. It was awesome. We apparently overdid it a little. I was swollen and sore for a good three days. Hurt so good!

I got up at 6 am, showered and dressed, then he walked me to my car. It was Valentine’s Day. We discussed our plans for the day. I was driving to and from Sacramento as quickly as possible, then staying in that night to pack. I was leaving for my road trip early the next morning. He was going to shop for a superhero costume for a “decentralized” party that night.

We wished each other a happy Valentine’s day, could barely stop kissing each other, then I started my car and drove off.