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I had my first date with billionaire Luxe Thursday night. How I met him was… unconventional. When I was hunting for a place to live 6 weeks ago, I was perusing Craigslist several times a day. I was poking around under the different headings and found Luxe’s post under “Miscelleneous Romance” about cuddling. He cited a recent New York Times article about the benefits of cuddling and was looking for a cuddle buddy. Being deep in the throes of missing The Blond Mandarin, a master cuddler, I responded.

Luxe responded. We exchanged several emails over the next few weeks. I told him what I was looking for in a cuddle partner; he shared what he was looking for. It seemed we were compatible. From our emails I gathered that he was very intelligent, very successful, and very wealthy. We had a love of red wine in common.

Finally, he said, “We should meet.”

He shares custody of his kids 50% of the time and has them every other week. This, along with my limited availability, made scheduling pretty difficult. However, in a moment of serendipity, we were able to schedule our first date spur-of-the-moment last Thursday. He had an event to attend but could cut out early; I was available because Ivy League was sick and had to cancel our 2nd date.

So it was set. I had told him one of the qualities I was looking for in a cuddle partner was good looks. He said he was attractive. I didn’t need proof. But… when we realized we were going to be meeting that night, I sent him an email asking him how I would find him at the bar. I didn’t know what he looked like, after all. I sent him my photo. He responded in kind. But, the photo was taken pretty far back and I couldn’t see his face well at all.

I explained that I couldn’t see his face too well and to send another. Otherwise, I’d have to leave it up to him to look for me in the bar. He didn’t respond.

Finally, 30 minutes before we were to meet, I sent an email asking if we were still indeed meeting. He responded saying that he just left the event and was on his way.

I got a Lyft and met him there. I was about 20 minutes late because I was first to be picked up in a Lyft Line and because the driver didn’t take the most direct route.

Name: Luxe

Met on: Craigslist

50 years old, divorced, 2 kids

I walked into the bar. Luxe was sitting near the door and immediately stood up and walked over to me. He was good looking, yes, but not really my type. We hugged, sat down, and immediately started talking. He ordered whiskey cocktails for both of us.

More talking. We have a lot in common! In addition to red wine, we also share a love of architecture and vintage European cars. He said he has 12 vintage cars, mostly Mercedes and Jaguars.

I also learned he used to be a partner at the most well-known high-tech computer company in the world… this is undoubtedly where he made his millions. He owns several homes across the United States; I learned that he just sold one of his houses, one which was designed by undoubtedly the most well-known architects in the world. This hugely impressed me, as I have been a huge fan of this particular architect since I was a teenager. Additionally, I learned that he has four degrees from an ivy league university and also attended two prestigious universities in England. Smart, successful dude indeed.

He’s not stuffy, though. When we were talking about Seattle and how I almost moved there, he asked if it was in the early 90s and was it because of the music scene? “Yes,” I responded. “I wanted to be a rock star.”

I mentioned all the Seattle bands I loved and then said I had an especially fierce crush on Kurt Cobain. He responded, “Well yes, of course. I did, too! Didn’t everyone??” I liked Luxe!

I felt really comfortable with him. Conversation flowed easily. When the bar called last call (early at 11:30 – what the hell??!), he expressed disappointment and invited me back to his place. He said he wanted to show me his San Francisco home, a mid-century modern home designed by yet another famous architect.

We got an Uber ride and headed to his place. His home is gorgeous! He gave me a tour – it was ridiculous, actually. The master bathroom had a robotic toilet: sensors to open the lid when you walked in, an included bidet with various settings, and was even self-cleaning after every use.

In the living room he had an authentic chair designed by – you guessed it – yet another famous architect.

We did do some cuddling. I wasn’t expecting to, at least not that night, but it was nice and felt right. Actually, there may have been more… but I was heavily spotting in advance of my period. He seemed like he’d be a great lover. Experienced, patient, giving.

He also had a very nice, rock hard cock. I might like to try that on at some point in the future.

I left his place at 1:30 am. He ordered an Uber ride for me.

I have received 3 emails from him since then: 1 right after I left his house to make sure I got home okay, 1 yesterday, and 1 today. He wants to see me this weekend but my daughter is sick. I told him it’s impossible.

On Thursday I received a text from Texas. It was bizarre and rather “business-y” sounding: “Hey you. I’m going to a meeting tonight but I’d like to chat sometime soon about syncing up for some upcoming events.”

After first I thought maybe I received the email in error. Syncing up? Upcoming events? Huh?

I responded back, “Sure. Let’s talk.”

He texted me a couple times that night, wanting to talk on the phone, but I was out with Luxe. By the time I got home and checked my phone, it was 2 am. Using poor judgment, I texted him, “I probably missed you. I’m home now.” At 2 am. Yes.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t hear from him until the next morning. He commented how I must have had a good night. Haha. Then he said, “Anyway, I have events coming up every Saturday from Feb 28th to March 21st. I’d like you to come with me to whichever ones you can. Just let me know.”

What the what??! He wants to see me every Saturday for the next month? What does this mean?! And why do I still have to question his motives and actions after all this time? Dude confuses me.

I told him to let me know which events are on which days and would it be better to chat on the phone? Yes, he said, it would.

We talked last night. He said his birthday is on the 28th and that he’d like to spend as much time together as I could. Awww. “All day, if possible. Night, too.” The thought makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. He said he’s purchased some things for me to wear in the bedroom. Awesome! I don’t know what… except he did ask if I like stockings. I do. He said he might buy me some white opaque thigh-high stockings.

On the other Saturdays he wants me to join him for various shows and performances. I told him I would check my schedule and see how it worked with my new custody arrangement.

I am definitely going to make his birthday work, though. Mars has already bought off.

My question: Should I get Texas a birthday gift? Yes, I suppose I probably should… but what?? A bottle of wine? Whiskey? “Certificates” for a massages/various pleasurables? Sex toys? Tickets to a concert/show/sporting event? What a dilemma!

So, this is exciting. And huge!

I also Skyped with Ivy League last night. He is adorable even when sick! We had a fun conversation. He was calling me pet names and being very complimentary. But then we were interrupted by my daughter. She walked into the living room at midnight covered in vomit. Surprise! I ended my call with Ivy League abruptly so that I could clean her up and gather up all the vomited-upon bedding and clothing.

Last night was our first overnighter in my new place and it did not go very well. On top of my daughter getting sick and vomiting the entire night, it turns out that the mattress pad I bought for her bed was not waterproof so now her brand new mattress is vomit stained. Plus, the oven does not work. Our pizza never cooked so I had to make scrambled eggs at the 11th hour… only I forgot to move the spatula and therefore had to use a metal spoon. The eggs turned out weird and shard-like. The kids wouldn’t eat them.

It was a bad first night all around. Not calm and enjoyable like I had envisioned.

I had a 10:00 coffee date schedule with a Tinder newbie this morning but he sent me a strange, cryptic email early this morning canceling it. He said, “You seem great but I can’t do this.” What does that even mean? Plus, no explanation or apology. I was going to respond but then said “fuck it” and unmatched him. I don’t need drama.

Tonight I had to cancel my date yet again with Southern Charm. Poor guy. We have had to re-schedule 3 times! My stomach is just feeling “off” and I’m also run-down. I hope I’m not coming down with what my daughter has! Southern Charm was sweet and understanding about it.

I don’t have many scheduled dates on the horizon this week except for a possible date with a newbie on Tuesday and Texas’ birthday on Saturday. It’s for the best, since I’ll be adjusting to the actual physical separation from Mars and the kids as well as to the new custody arrangement.