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I have custody of the kids for the next 5 days so no dates for me until Tuesday. I will be going to a ballet with Texas on Tuesday night. Then, on Wednesday night, I have a date with a newbie. He’s cooking me dinner at his place. Wow, another bold newbie move!

But there’s no rest for the weary here… if you count communications. My phone and email are getting a workout.

The Blond Mandarin asked me out earlier this evening. For tonight. Um, yeah. Not going to happen! But I appreciated the gesture. I asked him if we needed to discuss what happened. He seemed confused. He replied, “What happened? I thought we were going on dates but I got too busy and so you stopped things.”

That wasn’t all that happened. He same-day canceled 4 dates in a row without apologizing. I got fed up. I found it rude and inconsiderate. At least be apologetic and act like you care if you’re going to cancel a date on the same day!

I dropped the issue. We apparently see things differently.

I have been in almost-daily touch with Colombian Hottie but, due to my custody schedule, have not been able to see him for the past week.

Luxe was really disappointed that I couldn’t see him today. I was waiting on delivery of my new oven so I had to stay homebound. I won’t be able to see him until next Friday.

Things seem to be progressing with Mr. Promising. He texted me a few days ago telling me that he’s getting burnt out on OK Cupid and Tinder and that he’s starting to shut down, looking for quality over quantity. He said, “My man-whore phase is over. It wasn’t nearly as fun as I expected. I’m not necessarily looking for a long term relationship now but it would be great if it happened.” I told him I was in the same exact place!

And then he shared that he’s ready to explore a more adventurous side of his sexuality. I perked up. I asked for details; he said he’d like to try dominance/submission, biting, spanking, role playing, anal (both ways), and so on. I was shocked to hear him say he’s never done anal! He credited his boring marriage. I thought mine was boring… but we at least tried that!

I have to say that although I’m not really kinky myself, I like creativity, adventure, and appreciate being pushed slightly out my comfort zone. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to Texas. My sex life is certainly not boring with him in it.

I have to say – and I’m a little embarrassed to admit this – that Mr. Promising became a lot more appealing to me when he divulged this. We’ve had sex once before and, while it was great, it was a tad “vanilla”. If we can generate some steam in the bedroom, he may become a top contender in my group of suitors.

Ivy League has been squirrely: texting and asking to see me spur-of-the-moment and then getting mopey when I can’t. Or, when I tell him I can but that it has to be in San Francisco, he refuses. It seems a meet-up has to be on his terms. At this rate we will never see each other again. He seems to be opposed to scheduling a date… which is odd considering we scheduled our first date quite a bit in advance.

Cleveland asked me out for tomorrow. Awww. I obviously can’t with my custody schedule. He texts almost daily. I didn’t have chemistry with him but he’s a really sweet guy. Too bad he’s socially awkward in person… but maybe that was just a first date phenomenon and a second date will be better? Wishful thinking, maybe.

I responded to another cuddling ad on Craigslist. This guy sounds like a professional! We exchanged several emails over the past three days but I’m now not sure I’m going to follow up. I need to downsize and simplify. “Quality over quantity” and all, right?