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I am a horrible person. I have started lying to the guys I’m dating… so that they don’t know I’m seeing and/or fucking others.

This is getting complicated.

I lied to the newbie whose date I rescheduled. I wanted to see Texas instead when I learned he was available and wanted to see me two days in a row. I told newbie I had to cancel because my sister was going to be in town visiting.

I lied to Colombian Hottie about where I will be tonight. He wanted me to spend the night at his place. I told him I’m staying with a coworker in the east bay because I have an early morning meeting. (I work in the east bay.) I really do have an early morning meeting but I will be staying with Texas instead.

I will be lying to Luxe about where I will be on Friday. He knows I am available to meet him on Fridays but this Friday I want to see Ivy League instead. I’m going to tell him that I have to work unexpectedly on my day off. The truth here would be ridiculous: “Sorry, I’m going to fuck someone else today.” That wouldn’t be very kind.

In my twisted world, lying is kinder than the truth. The weirdest part is that I am not normally a liar. Lying makes me feel uneasy and naughty… but lying about this makes me feel less uneasy and less naughty than telling the truth. Telling the truth would be horrific and unnecessarily cruel.

Ivy League met me for a business lunch yesterday. That was super sweet and it was really good to see him. We hadn’t seen each other since our first date over a month ago!

I went to the ballet with Texas last night. Awesome evening all around. Today I am barely surviving on 4 hours of sleep and a champagne hangover.

More details later.