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Since my last post, I’ve told Superman, Mr. Promising, and Southern Charm that I now have a boyfriend.

Superman was happy for me. He asked for details on how we met and shared that he thought a “slow-build” (dating for a while then deciding to become exclusive) like Texas and I had done creates a stable foundation, fosters a deeper connection, and is more successful in the long run. He said he has great memories of our time together: hiking in the presidio, enjoying nature and architecture on our walks around Rockridge, parking at the beach and watching and listening to the waves, and that he loved the excitement of being my first post-separation kiss.

Mr. Promising said he wasn’t too surprised, as he’d noticed a change in text communications from me, and that I was a great catch so he knew I wouldn’t stay single for long. Awww. He congratulated me and wished me the best.

Southern Charm didn’t overtly acknowledge my news but said he still wanted to meet up and go out drinking again. Our one date, back in early January, was a wild and crazy mezcal-fueled evening. He said he had a blast… and that he doesn’t normally have that much fun on dates. He said he got a kick out of listening to my stories, which made me wonder: What stories did I tell him?! I don’t remember very clearly. Hahaha.

Still no word from Ivy League or The Blond Mandarin and, at this point, I don’t expect to. If anything changes, you will surely get an update.

Things with Texas are going amazingly well. We spent Wednesday night through Sunday night together. Living on cloud 9! I have had the kids since last night and won’t see him again until Tuesday night. I can’t wait.