It’s been about 3 weeks since Texas and I tried the “Love Experiment”**. I’m just embarrassingly late reporting it.

**These 36 questions were developed by Dr. Arthur Aron as an experiment to spark intimacy between strangers. These are not just for strangers, though. These are good questions for fostering intimacy with anyone in your life.

Did the questions deepen intimacy for me and Texas? Absolutely. Afterward, I felt like I knew him much better and felt even closer. I was most touched by his answers to his most treasured memory, most terrible memory, and answers pertaining to his family and childhood.

The 4-minute gaze into each other’s eyes was much easier than I thought it would be. I’d already looked into his eyes so often before so this was a piece of cake. During the timed 4-minute stare, I kept looking back and forth between his left eye and right eye, as you’d normally do in conversation. But, during silence and when timed, it becomes much more noticeable that you’re actually doing it.

If you have done this experiment, what was your experience?