I was on Tinder and OK Cupid for 6 months and saw hundreds of profiles. Some were good… most were bad.

Guys, I’m here to tell you what works. A bad profile will send up red flags for the women you’re trying to impress. My biggest pet peeves were bad photos and bad grammar/spelling/punctuation.


1) Use your best, most flattering photo first. This should be a face photo! This will be what’s featured in the profile lineup (OK Cupid) or the only photo that’s seen when swiping (Tinder).

2) As a general rule, have at least one face photo and one full body photo. Both are important. Otherwise, the woman might be surprised when you show up to the date and find that you’re morbidly obese. Not that this has happened to me or anything…. *sarcasm*

3) Please, no shirtless photos unless you’re with friends at the beach/lake/river/whatever. Shirtless photos should not be selfies.

4) Please, no bathroom selfies or webcam selfies.

5) Pay attention to lighting. I get impatient when I can’t even see the subject because the photo was taken at night without a flash. We will swipe left without a second thought.

6) Pay attention to your most flattering angle. This is almost never taken from below. No one wants to see your double chin or up your nostrils.

7) Most importantly: SMILE! The serious and/or grumpy and/or hostile expression is not attractive. Smiles are sweet… and as a bonus we get to see your teeth. Straight white teeth make us weak in the knees!


1) Write something! I want to see that you made some effort and put some thought into your profile.

2) Length: Not too long, not too short.

3) Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation goes a long way. Poor command of basic English language raises red flags. And what is with the Tinder phenomena of not using periods?! This is baffling.

4) No other requirements. Be yourself!