When I bought a new cell phone back in January, I gave my 6 year old daughter my old cell phone. She is obviously not tech-savvy so I didn’t worry too much about hurrying to remove the text and photo history. Well, my 10 year old son is tech-savvy. Little did I know that he was regularly using her phone to play games.

A couple weeks after I gave the phone to her, I went in and deleted texts. This was a big undertaking, as I had hundreds of text contacts and, because each contact had hundreds of texts, the phone would freeze up a little as it was “thinking”/deleting. I didn’t get to all of them but I did get the most risqué… or so I thought.

I worked through it bit by bit. I noticed one day that my son had tried texting Mars. It obviously didn’t work because the phone didn’t have cell service.

Then I became alarmed when he tried texting one of the guys I’d been sexting. I had never met this particular dude but he had sent several risqué texts and shirtless photos. My son texted something like, “hey there. lol”

I was mortified. I immediately deleted everything.

I did the same with the photos in the gallery. Or so I thought.

I was getting some old files off the old phone yesterday when I double-checked the photo gallery. Well, um, there were several R-rated photos buried in sub-folders I hadn’t bothered checking, including the “download” folder where my son was saving video game images.

Holy shit.

There was even one of me nude. Fortunately, my head was not included (I’m not that stoopid) but I’m sure he could figure out it was me because it was taken in my bedroom. A couple more were of me in racy undies (again, no head) and there were about a dozen photos of shirtless guys.

More deleting ensued, obviously. I think I can safely say that the old phone is now safe for children. It only took 3 months! And I probably scarred my son in the meantime.