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Warning: This will be long.

First, I’m sure you all want a Texas update….

Our relationship is going amazingly well. We cannot get enough of each other. We spend all of my kid-free days/nights together and then talk on the phone for at least an hour on the nights I have the kids.

(I hope to introduce him to the kids soon. We are working on a plan. If you have any advice on that, I would love to hear it!)

We send each other sweet kissy face texts throughout the day.

He sent me flowers to my office. Just because.


The sex is frequent and hot.

We are planning vacations together. We will be spending 4 days in Lake Tahoe next week and are planning a trip to Eastern Europe later this year. We may also try to squeeze in a couple weekend trips to Seattle and western Idaho sometime this summer.

I am happy and completely fulfilled.

All that said, our relationship is not perfect. We are still working out some kinks. However, we are noticing that we are now able to recover from disagreements and misunderstandings much more quickly than before.

We have a solid foundation and excellent communication. I am excited about a future with him.

My health has been an issue. I have had one infection after another, both viral and bacterial, since March. Coincidentally, I went to the doctor yet again this morning. I have another bacterial infection but the doctor doesn’t want to prescribe antibiotics until the cultures come back (in 5 days!!!) because I’ve been on so many different antibiotics lately. This sucks! I don’t know why this is happening.

As a result of my decrepit immune system, I haven’t worked out in two weeks so I feel extra crappy. And I haven’t even been able to keep up with basic life. For example: I missed a jury duty summons this week!

Guys from my dating past are still occasionally contacting me. This almost always causes friction between me and Texas. He refers to them as buzzards and claims they are circling, waiting for our relationship to die so they can swoop in and make their move. It’s a cute visual but I don’t think it’s accurate.

Similarly, he has won a couple bets when I have matter-of-factly announced that I will never hear from so-and-so again… and, sure enough, I do. Oops.

Colombian Hottie continues to text every so often. He says he misses me. The reality: I miss him, too. I feel guilty, like I went about things with him the wrong way. Feelings developed between us.  I never intended to hurt him. It breaks my heart. And, the sad reality is that there is nothing that can be done about it. I can’t see him and seek closure for myself because it likely would make things worse for him.

In the meantime, I continue to get texts from him… like the one Sunday wishing me a happy Mother’s Day. Awww.

Shockingly, I have been hearing from The Blond Mandarin fairly regularly since his birthday last week. He asked me to help him celebrate his birthday with happy hour drinks. I told him no. Then, a couple days later he asked how my writing was going.

I panicked and immediately thought to myself, ‘holy shit, he too found my blog!’ But he didn’t. Phew!

Then he asked how the single life was treating me. I told him I wouldn’t know, as I was seeing someone exclusively now. I asked him how single life was going for him. He was vague in his reply so I said, “Oh, you must be busy. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.”

He replied: No! I want to hang out with you!

I responded that he most certainly did not want to hang out with me or else he would have contacted me within the past 4 months.

This prompted him to say: Wait, I thought you ended it so I backed off.

Sigh. Are we really going to go there again?

I couldn’t take it anymore and finally quite brazenly laid it all out on the table. I had nothing to lose.

Me: Blond Mandarin, you were disrespectful. You same-day canceled 4 dates in a row and weren’t even bothered that I was upset about it. I ended it because of that but thought you would contact me once your schedule calmed down enough where you could make and keep plans… but you didn’t. It doesn’t matter now, I just had to say it. It was hurtful.

I didn’t hear from him for four days. Yep, that’s right. Typical.

And then, two nights ago, I received this: So… what are your plans now?

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Are you done talking to me?

Me: Haha. You don’t want to respond to my long text? You didn’t seem to remember what really happened.

Him: I do, I just still don’t see it the way you do.


Me: How do you see it?

Him: Me not wanting a relationship and you wanting a lot more engagement.

Um…. WHAT???!!! This was hysterical.

I responded: Wow. Really? I’m surprised you see it that way.

And that was that. I, of course, have not heard from him since then. No surprise there. If I were still in the betting business, I would bet I never hear from him again. But I know better now. Haha.

Southern Charm still texts occasionally. I have not responded to his last three texts. C’mon dude, let it go now. You don’t need to check in every week and ask what I have planned for the weekend or how my weekend is going.

I told Switzerland about Texas. He keeps texting and then even asked if he could stay with me for a week in July. Seriously??! I didn’t even respond to that. He has even texted twice more since then. I have ignored.

Damn. These dudes have been acting with urgency now that they know I am off the market. What the fuck is that about?! I don’t think it’s about buzzardly behavior; I think they simply realize that they snoozed and lost, and that I didn’t wait around for them to get their shit together.