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Texas and I headed up to Lake Tahoe for a mini-vacation last week. Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, I had an awesome time. Then again, I would have an awesome time with him doing absolutely nothing at all!

We arrived at our hotel in S. Lake Tahoe late on Thursday night and went straight to bed. First sex, then sleep.

The next day was rainy. We enjoyed morning sex, late breakfast, and then decided to head to the casinos. I was big into blackjack during my university days but the game no longer appealed to me so Texas taught me how to play video poker. It was fun and a bit addictive! After a few drinks and each losing our 20 bucks, we wandered into the sports room to check the Giants baseball game schedule. We decided on a whim to place bets on the Giants/Rockies game that would be starting later that evening. This was my first sports bet!

We headed back to the hotel for midday sex and naps.

Feeling refreshed, we headed back to the casino, where Texas joined a poker tournament and I watched the Giants/Rockies game, ate nachos, and drank beer. The Giants were doing well (yay!) and I eventually headed over to the tournment area to check on Texas. He was also doing well. He ended up in 4th place!

The baseball game was rain delayed in the 9th inning. What?! We would have to wait to collect our winnings.

It was late so we headed back to the hotel. More delicious sex, then sleep.

The next morning, Texas told me he wanted to cash in on his day of pleasure that I owed him for losing a bet I had lost a month prior. He informed me that I would be his sex slave for the day. YES! While in the hotel room, I was required to call him Sir. He ordered me to end every sentence with “sir”.

I was bad at it. I got my ass slapped many times for disobeying, which I secretly enjoyed. I am apparently defiant.

He ordered me to suck his cock, to climb on top of him, how to straddle him and even which direction to face. Later, I was Magic Wanded and climaxed several times. Three hours later, fully satisifed but really hungry, we went out for a late breakfast.

It was still raining. It would be another indoor day for us. We stopped off at the casino to collect our Giants/Rockies prize money, played a couple games in the arcade, and then decided to take a drive around the lake. 72 miles. Believe it or not, but in the dozens of times I’d been to Lake Tahoe, I had never before driven around the entire lake.

It was beautiful. I had forgotten how gorgeous north shore is. I was smitten with the color and texture of the aspens juxtaposed against the pines. I was smitten with the charming little lake towns.

We stopped at a small park, Skylandia State Park, on the western shore and took a walk down to the lake’s shoreline. On the walk back, we got caught in a hailstorm. We took shelter underneath a canopy of pine trees and made out in the rain while waiting for the worst of the storm to pass. It was sweet and very romantic.

We took a pit stop at the Bridgetender pub in Tahoe City. We ordered beers, split an order of fish & chips, and watched the Giants smash the Rockies again. Yes! We made fancy dinner reservations on the smartphone for later that evening, our last night in Tahoe.

Back at the hotel, we had a couple hours to kill before our late dinner reservations. We enjoyed hot tea, hot sex, and a short nap.

We headed to Ciera in Montbleu for our dinner reservations. The meal was decadent. We shared a bottle of French wine, escargot, chateaubriand, asparagus/broccolini/carrots, and mashed potatoes followed by chocolate dipped strawberries.

Before leaving Montbleu, we stopped into the sports room and watched yet another Giants game. They lost – boo! But while watching the game on a couch in the sports room, I inched my lacy undies off underneath my skirt and then announced to Texas that I had something for him, presenting him with my folded undies. He was a bit surprised and later told me that he was impressed, i.e. impressed that I did it myself without him having to ask. Hahaha.

We played a quick 20 bucks of video poker then headed back to the hotel where there were more ass slappings for not calling him “sir” quickly enough, near-constant blowjobs, lots of hot sex, and Magic Wand delight.

The next morning, Texas drew us a bath in the double spa tub. He had brought a Lush bath bomb from home as a surprise. It colored the water a light shade of pink, smelled heavenly, and contained red rose petals. Awww, so romantic! I was touched.

We languished in the tub, kissing and constantly touching each other. Before getting out, I gave him a blowjob. He came in my mouth, which took me by surprise, and I spit it into the water. Swallowing cum on an empty stomach seemed too risky to me and would likely cause an upset stomach.

Hot baths make me drowsy so after toweling off, I dozed off on the bed for a few minutes. Afterwards, more sex (seriously, I cannot get enough! Is something wrong with me?!) and more Magic Wand.

Then, sadly, it was time to pack up and leave. After breakfast we decided to head to Vikingsholm in Emerald Bay on our way out of town. With the insane Memorial Day Weekend traffic, however, we couldn’t even get near the place. Cars and people everywhere! We turned around and decided to head up the mountain on Heavenly’s gondola. Amazing views up there! We took lots of photos on the elevated viewing platform then relaxed on some chaise lounges in the warm sun. We swigged beer and ate Oreos we brought up the mountain in my backpack while watching kids play in the slushy snow. Such a gorgeous day.

I gave Texas a quick blowjob on the gondola ride back down the mountain, then we hit the road. Being back at home, back in a routine, and back at work was such a let-down after such a fun weekend. And I missed Texas even more than usual.

Yes, things are going well. I love him to pieces.

He will finally be meeting the kids tomorrow. We will be going miniature golfing, San Francisco style (in other words, inside a restaurant/bar). Neither kid has miniature golfed before but, hey, who doesn’t love miniature golfing?! I am looking forward to it.