My Brazilian wax was on Thursday evening. Like I previously mentioned, I was still in discomfort on Friday. Taking a shower and touching the area was uncomfortable. I “exfoliated” post-shower with my towel as much as I could (to try to prevent ingrown hairs), then applied Neosporin to the area. Later that day I upped the ante and used a strong antibiotic ointment leftover from when my son had impetigo. Hell, it was $50 for a tiny tube – I might as well, right?

I reapplied the antibiotic that night.

I still had pain on the next morning, on Saturday. 36 hours later. Upon closer inspection, I noticed bruising. Bruising! Holy hell. No wonder every movement hurt. I wore a dress and went sans undies that day to allow my crotch to breathe and heal.

That was apparently the worst of it because come Sunday, things were looking up. No pain and silky smooth skin. YES! The antibiotic had apparently worked well to combat the redness and angry looking pimples/ingrown hairs.

On Friday I had ordered a serum on Amazon to prevent ingrown hairs. It arrived today. It is a roll-on product called Tend Skin and has awesome reviews.

There is light at the end of the tunnel!