According to Ob/Gyn Dr. Lisa Masterson of The Doctors fame, only 7% of women can achieve orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone.

I am ecstatic to report that I am now one of those rare lucky women. And not only that, but I am also able to have more than one orgasm through vaginal penetration. I am a unicorn!

I feel like I’ve won the lottery! Cloud 9 over here.

Until recently, I was only able to climax from pretty firm direct clitoral stimulation. I have always been multi-orgasmic, though. I could have orgasm after orgasm for hours if I wanted to [and had the time]. A Magic Wand worked best, followed by a silver bullet… but 2-3 fingers worked in a pinch. A tongue hasn’t worked for me. Yet. Never say never!

Texas and I were in the doggy style position the first time I climaxed from intercourse about a month ago. I wasn’t convinced it had actually happened mainly because it felt, well… different. It felt decidedly different than a clitoral orgasm but every bit as delicious.

Two weeks ago, it happened again. This time we were in missionary position and we actually climaxed at the same time. Awww! Now I was starting to get excited by the prospect of climaxing through penetration, but I still wasn’t convinced. Was it really happening?!

After last weekend, I don’t doubt it anymore. Not only am I climaxing, but I am climaxing repeatedly in a single session. It seems to work most consistently if I’m on top. I have found I have to use a completely different pressure and hip motion than I’ve ever used before during sex: a slight back & forth rocking hip motion with a firm “grinding” pressure. I’ve also found I have to push through the pleasure, beyond what I think is necessary, to put myself over the edge.

I now realize I must be experiencing vaginal or G spot orgasms, which explains why it feels different than my tried-and-true clitoral orgasms.

Texas and I have been getting lots of practice at this newfound discovery. My libido is through the roof! It peaks around ovulation, like last weekend when we were doin’ it 4x/day and I was still insatiable.

This just goes to show you that, yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I love my 40s!