To swipe right or not to swipe right. That is the question.

For 6 months, I viewed hundreds of profiles… maybe even thousands. Based upon experience, the following was my thought process when perusing Tinder.

  • Profile is blank –> He doesn’t speak English. Alternate: He’s lazy.
  • First photo is of more than one guy, and one of the guys is ridiculously attractive –> He’s not the attractive one.
  • He’s not smiling –> He has bad teeth. Alternate: He’s always angry, unhappy, and/or moody.
  • He includes a shirtless selfie photo –> He is only looking for a hook-up.
  • He says in his profile he is looking for his “princess” –> He is Middle Eastern.
  • The first photo is not a person (animal, cartoon character, landscape scene, etc.) –> He is Asian.
  • He doesn’t include any full-body photos –> He is overweight.

Have you found this to be correct? Are there any you can add?