Mars and I started mediation last week. It was emotional.

I’m not sure where my future stands. Mars doesn’t know where his future stands. As it turns out, Mars owes me a lot of money due to real estate inflation. You might be surprised to learn that I’m not happy about this. It might mean Mars has to sell his house, the house that he worked so hard to buy on his own. He purchased this home before we knew each other. Buying a home in super-expensive San Francisco is a big deal for anyone, especially for someone like Mars, who was born here in San Francisco and was raised here in poverty. This home is his pride and joy.

I don’t want him to sell. But I also don’t know how we will continue to afford living here. The home increased in value about $2 million during the time were married. (Holy shit!) I am legally entitled to a percentage of the equity, which I certainly need and will pursue because I cannot afford to live here or anywhere else in the bay area without it.

To say that Mars was agitated after the mediation appointment is an understatement. I was an emotional mess; I don’t want to leave San Francisco, either. Mars has since calmed down and wants to reach a reasonable solution for both of us and especially for the kids.

We are meeting with an accountant that specializes in divorce ASAP to try to work out these financial issues before going back to the mediator and proceeding with the divorce. We’ll have to get creative; I’m sure the accountant will have some ideas for us.