“Online dating is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get” – Me

I have really good intuition and am a good judge of character. My screening process is usually spot-on yet there are occasional wild-cards that slip through the cracks.

Like the guy I had a date with last winter who had apparently used either very flattering photos or very old photos in his profile… and then started telling me about his infant daughter and his partner during our date. Um, what?!

Also, he had picked the date location because it was close to his work. I had asked him to choose a place that served food as we were meeting at 11:30 and, besides, it was to be my only opportunity to slow down in-between errands and eat lunch. He insisted this place served food… “probably”. Turns out it was a super-expensive trendy café that didn’t serve any food other than crackers and boursin cheese spread. For $15. Are you fucking kidding me?! And I also was somehow tricked into paying for his $5 tea.

He was a bit socially awkward as well. The whole date was pretty painful. Shockingly, he expressed interest in another date afterward, saying I was one of the most interesting women he’d met by far (?!) despite the awkwardness.

I told him I wasn’t interested in seeing him again because I hadn’t realized he had a live-in girlfriend and an infant daughter. There were other reasons, of course, but left it at that.

There was also the date last December where the guy had slyly hidden the fact he was obese in all the photos. He was a nice enough guy and we had a pleasant date but there was no love connection. We had coffee at a café then spontaneously decided to look around the nearby columbarium afterward. His suggestion. This particular columbarium is in a beautiful historic building. Yes, it was definitely an unusual and unlikely date venue but since I love architecture, it wasn’t as creepy as you’d imagine.

Yesterday’s lunch date was yet another surprise. I don’t normally suggest meals on a first date but since my schedule is booked up for the next two weeks, it was the only way we’d meet sooner. Plus, hello, he looked like Peeta Mellark!

I met him a restaurant near his office. His social awkwardness was confirmed almost immediately. Intuitively, I should have known better. The brief communications we had before meeting were a bit awkward as well. Something seemed ‘off’. I even called him out on it in text, saying, “You seem quiet. I feel like I’m chattering away….” He said it was because he was tired. Now I know it’s because he’s just not great with chit-chat.

In the end, we had a pleasant date but there was no love connection. No sparks were flying there.

I’ve been getting texts from him since. Still awkward.

I have learned I need to slow down and better listen to my intuition. It knows. I have a very high success rate (my 2 first dates earlier this week were big hits) but there is still obviously room for improvement.