Day 5: What are your favorite comfort foods and why?

I’m not sure how to answer this question because I’m not really sure I have any comfort foods. I’m a foodie to a certain degree and am offended by food products, as mentioned a couple days back in my pet peeves post. I buy ingredients instead of packaged foodstuffs with the exception of specific frozen foods from Trader Joe’s (I am a busy single mom, after all, and need to be realistic when it comes to time spent in the kitchen).

I can’t even say that my comfort foods are foods from my childhood, as I don’t eat many of the foods I enjoyed as a kid.

I eat clean most of the time – mostly “paleo” – as I am moderately sensitive to dairy, grains, and eggs.

My one food vice is ice cream. I know I’m not supposed to eat it but I do indulge on occasion. Love of ice cream is in my genes. My grandpa was a huge ice cream fan; he was famous for making his grandkids and great-grandkids ice cream cones whenever they visited. My mom shares his love of ice cream. It’s a vice that has been passed down to me. Ice cream is perfect: soothing, rich, creamy, sweet, and cold.

I guess you could say that ice cream is my favorite comfort food. I suppose “soothing” is the key word that should tip me off there. Haha.