You know what? I’m behind. And I can’t even catch up at this point because I’m so far behind. I have been laid up with pneumonia.

I’m just going to jump in where I left off and leave it at that.

Day 6: What is your zodiac sign and does it fit your personality?

I’m a Virgo. They are know for having the following classic character traits: Analytical, funny, engaging, perfectionist, sensitive, and organized. Other Virgo characteristics include neatness, advice-giving, fault-finding, resourcefulness, and seductiveness. The typical Virgo personality is truly a fascinating mix. (From Zodiac Matches.)

Yep, this is totally me. Everything about Virgo is accurate to me. I am not a Virgo anomaly!

Follow the Zodiac Matches link above to learn more about Virgo and/or me. It’s scarily accurate.