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I started composing this post nearly a year ago but then got sidetracked and never finished it. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I am finally finishing it.


He is thoughtful. On his way to visit me at my house, he often asks me if I would like him to pick up anything on his way over. He is an excellent gift giver.

He is romantic. He is clear about his feelings and intentions. He sends romantic texts to let me know he is thinking about me. And, of course, there’s that time he packed a Lush bath bomb for us to enjoy together in the hotel spa bath tub during our Lake Tahoe excursion last spring.

He is generous with his time and money. He treks across town (a bus and a long jaunt or a Lyft/Uber) to visit me. He has picked up most of the tab when we travel, like he did for my birthday trip and our Valentine’s trip.

He is creative. He once orchestrated a very detailed treasure hunt for me that was all about my pleasure while I waited for him to return from work nearly a year ago. He asked me to open a series of 3 envelopes at precisely timed intervals with clear instructions inside each one. My first instruction was to pour myself a glass of wine and relax. The second was to fill the bath tub with bath salts he provided, then relax in a hot bath while playing a specific music playlist on his iPod. The third and final instruction was to open a wrapped gift (new lingerie), put on the lingerie, and wait for him in bed. The rest… well, you can imagine.

He is a sexual dynamo. Finally, someone who can keep up with my insatiable sexual appetite! It’s a lot of fun.

He is responsible. He takes care of business. He has a good job that he takes seriously. He does what he says he will do.

He is intelligent. He can hold his own in an intellectual conversation.

He has gorgeous dark eyes… with long eyelashes.

He has a cute ass and an adorable long, lanky body.

He likes video games. Normally, this would be a negative trait… but, hey, I have kids! His interest in video games has scored him big points with my kids. He has brought his Xbox over to my house and they take turns playing games with him.

Texas, if you are reading this….

I love you, Sweets!

Happy Valentine’s Day