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(The above iteration of “I Put A Spell On You” by Marilyn Manson is my favorite, although the original Screamin Jay Hawkins version is awesome, too; that one’s a close second.)

Little did I know when I purchased it in 1998 just how effective my Love Voodoo Doll was going to be. I have used it just twice, but with shocking results both times.

I bought it in Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo in New Orleans. More about Marie Laveau here.

I was on my very first vacation with Mars when I purchased it. We had gone to New Orleans for Halloween, my favorite holiday. We went specifically to attend an Anne Rice party but also had other must-sees on our travel itinerary: swamp tour, famous Oak Alley plantation, raised cemeteries, Café du Monde, Jackson Square, French Quarter nightlife… and the House of Voodoo.

We had been casually dating for 4 months when the topic of the trip came up. I was supposed to go with a girlfriend but she had cancelled 1 month prior. I scrambled to find someone else to go in her place until Mars expressed interest in joining me.

Our relationship up to that point had been rocky. We had a magical first date and my gut told me I was supposed to be with him, that he was “the one”. It was bizarre and unlike anything I had ever experienced. But soon after our first date, he confided that he was still trying to get over an ex-girlfriend and wasn’t ready for a relationship. I was crushed. I told him I would try to be patient while I waited for him to become ready, but that I was going to date other guys in the meantime. I couldn’t go putting all my eggs in one basket, after all. He understood. Mars and I continued to date – and we had an amazing time – but I of course had stepped way back emotionally.

My love for him was painfully unrequited.

When we were in the House of Voodoo, I bought a love voodoo doll as a joke… and also as a fun experiment. I mean, it certainly couldn’t hurt and might even help. (For the record, at the time I was also using feng shui interior design techniques in my apartment to attract love.) I was tenacious!


2015-09-18 11.18.19

My love voodoo doll. Cute, right?


We had an incredible time during the trip. We traveled well together and became so much closer. I could tell that things were different but I didn’t want to admit it even to myself because I didn’t want to get hurt again.

As I was unpacking my luggage back at home, I followed the instructions and cast my first love spell… on Mars. Unfortunately, I no longer have the instructions and I don’t remember specifics. However, I do remember that it involved imagining him/setting intention on him and then piercing the doll’s heart with a pin(s).

Then I put it away and forgot about it.

Literally within 2 weeks of casting that spell, Mars arrived at my house with a dozen red roses and a bottle of champagne wanting to toast to our new relationship. He also apologized for being so foolish for stringing me along for 5 months.

Needless to say, it shocked the hell out of me. Did I credit the voodoo doll? Of course not. In fact, I don’t even think I made the connection.

I cast my second love spell, this time on Texas, almost exactly a year ago. While I was moving out of my marital home and into my own place, I found the doll hidden in a shoe box. I hadn’t seen it in several years. Memories came flooding back. I immediately sat down on the floor and examined it, not really thinking when I put a quick love spell on Texas. (I loved him, yes, but we were only casually dating and he was so unpredictable.) I then put the doll back in the box and forgot about it once again.

Poor voodoo doll. Used and forgotten twice.

Again, I didn’t make the connection when Texas started behaving differently and very subtly one or two weeks later and then during his birthday weekend when we had the “the talk” about becoming exclusive.

Both situations are coincidental. The relationships with both men were already in motion when I cast the “spells”. The timing certainly is uncanny, though.

For discussion’s sake, let’s assume my relationships were the result of my spells. Was I irresponsible by using the doll? Did I intervene with fate? Is love enough?

The moral of this story is: Be careful what you wish for.