I have always subscribed to this idealogy:



Tex came back. I have been dancing on Cloud 9 ever since. Pure bliss.

Our reunion has been awesome… and, after several hours of discussion, I think we’ve finally cracked the code. We both now understand what went wrong, our roles in the breakdown, and how we will do things differently from now on.

I have never before had such difficulty with a relationship. Then again, I have never before had a relationship after divorce. This is unchartered territory for me.

I now realize that any relationship for me would be difficult. It’s not about Tex at all.

I was belligerent and stubborn. Because of my failed marriage, where I did so much compromising for so many unfulfilled years, I was at a point where I simply didn’t want to compromise anymore. It was my way or the highway. It was selfish and certainly not conducive to a relationship.

But I wanted a relationship with him.

This breakup was not all my fault, of course. Tex has his own faults that contributed to our breakdown. He has acknowledged them and has vowed to work on them.

The important thing is that we both want to make it work, and we will work hard to do better. There is so much potential for us to have the best relationship either of us has ever had. There is already so much awesome.

I think it’s pretty remarkable that we keep coming back to each other.

I love Tex with a white-hot passion. He is incredible… and I am giddy that he is mine once again.