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As already mentioned, I was mainly using Tinder and Bumble for date selection. I saw many familiar faces from my past dating adventures, including Mr. Promising on Tinder, Intensity on Tinder, and Colombian Hottie on Bumble. I swiped left on Mr. Promising and Intensity. I swiped right on Colombian Hottie… and was shocked when we matched!

Being Bumble, I was required to send the first message. I told him I was surprised we matched because I didn’t think he ever wanted to talk to me again.

First, a bit of back story: Back in October, when Tex and I were on our break, Colombian Hottie expressed interest in getting together. I apparently broke an unsaid dating rule by flat-out asking him about our status, and whether he truly was only wanting sex. When he expressed outrage, I told him, “In all the time we’ve known each other, you’ve never invited me anywhere other than to your house. For sex. What else am I supposed to think?”

Unbelievably, he was hurt. He said, “How could you think that? I like you. We had fun together.”

I told him I was sorry.

And then he said, “If that’s what you think about me, then we shouldn’t ever talk again.”

Oh, the games! Fine, dude. We said our goodbyes, then I uninstalled Whatsapp, my only way to communicate with him.

You can then imagine my surprise when we matched on Bumble.

He replied to my message, “I’m not angry with you. Would you like to see each other?”

I agreed it would be nice to catch up. We set a date for 2 weeks out.

I was having second thoughts about meeting up with him. I was going to cancel but then never heard from him. The date came and went without him checking in.

Finally, a week later, he sent me a message through Bumble simply saying, “We didn’t meet.”

I was newly back together with Tex. I didn’t respond to his message and instead uninstalled the app.

4 days before getting back together with Tex, I said “what the hell….?” and reactivated my OK Cupid profile. After thinking hard about it, despite the annoyances, I had met some awesome guys on OK Cupid in the past.

In those 4 days before deactivating my account, I got an overwhelming 45 messages, including one from my Worst Date. And I noticed that Guy had visited my profile.

Oh, and I also got an email from OK Cupid inviting me to be a moderator. Wouldn’t that be fun?!