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Racer X and I have kept in regular email contact since meeting in early November 2014. We have become close friends in the past year-and-a-half.

It came as a big surprise when, early this spring, he said he’d be in the Bay Area once again for business and would love to see me while he’s in town.

I was single at the time. Of course, I said yes. He invited me to stay with him at his hotel in the east bay.

Then Tex and I got back together. Early on in our discussions to resume a relationship, I informed him of Racer X’s impending visit.

I was stunned when gave me permission to see Racer X and, if I wanted, to have sex with him as well. I questioned Tex’s motives and he reassured me that it wasn’t a test. He understood that I had arranged this meeting while I was single, and that I should see it through.

(I should also mention that he bungled something similar when we were in the process of getting back together after a long break last October. He wanted to redeem his mistake. He is redeemed.)

I wondered…. What would it be like to see Racer X again? Would we still have chemistry after all this time?

I saw Racer X last week. Details coming soon.