BiSA readers, I’m afraid this blog may have lived its life and is now in its final stages. I am uninspired. I don’t have much to say here.

I have launched a freelance writing business and am trying to get that off the ground. I have signed up to be an Uber driver to help increase my income until the writing jobs come rolling in. I had a few unexpected expenses this year that put a big damper on my already tight budget.

I want to take my kids on vacation someday. Hopefully soon. Their summer is already halfway over. *sigh*

Being a single mom in San Francisco sucks.

I have been taking a break from writing here to focus on working out the kinks in my life, while also hoping to come to a decision on the future of this blog. I still don’t have an answer.

I’ll be back when I do… or when I’m inspired to write something that might be interesting. Haha.