I realized tonight that I have dozens of Tinder matches, some I matched with several months ago during my brief breaks from Texas, that I have never had a conversation with.

That ended tonight.

I am systematically going through each profile and assessing whether I want to continue keeping them in my portfolio. I will no longer continue being matched with someone if they don’t want to get to know me.

It’s a slow process. I went through about 20 profiles tonight, unmatched half of them, and sent messages to the remaining matches.

If they don’t message back within a week, I will unmatch them.

This will be fun!

Here’s how I’m assessing each profile:

  1. Look at pics and read profile. If I’m no longer interested in him, I unmatch. If I’m still interested, I move to #2.
  2. Look at location stamp. If he’s way outside my local area, I unmatch. If he’s located within about 40 miles, I move to #3.
  3. Message him!
  4. If I don’t receive a return message within a week, I will unmatch.

I sent 10 messages tonight. I’m interested to see how this will pan out. It’s a great way to clean out my Tinder match portfolio and I might even meet some nice guys in the process. There’s nothing to lose. Win/win!

Will you join me in the Tinder Challenge?