My Tinder experiment was a failure. I sent out at least 60 messages, maybe even a  hundred, to the guys in my queue. I heard back from less than a dozen.

One guy was just visiting from Boston, and said it was too bad I had custody of my kids before he left because he was “looking forward to banging me.” Klassy.

Another guy was married and was looking to hook up when he was in town on frequent business trips. Nope.

Another was moving to Norway.

The remainder fizzled out in conversation within a couple days after contact.

I suspect the other 50+ guys have inactive profiles and/or aren’t getting alerts when they get messages. Pretty disappointing, but at least my housekeeping was successful and I trimmed my list dramatically.

No new dates since last update. I’m still at 3 first dates down. I have 2 first dates and 1 second date scheduled later this week. I’ve been in in frequent text contact with both first date prospects and they’re both very sweet. One is 46 (another single dad); the other is 30. Both Tinder. The second date is with Bumble dad. We first met for coffee break two weeks ago and have lunch scheduled this next time.

I’m becoming more “eh” about dating in general but more excited by my prospects. I’ve been very clear with guys about what I will and will not tolerate and have nipped some conversations in the bud that were starting to lean inappropriate. I simply respond to questions of the sexual nature with “that’s something we can discuss after our first date.”

And to the guys who divulge they are married or are in an open relationship, I simply respond that I’m not looking for that and wish them the best before I unmatch.

I’m constantly learning and am slowly getting better at this dating game. I have a hunch something great is on the horizon.