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You guys, I had an incredible date earlier this week. Although I will never see him again, it has given me hope that some great guys with whom I will have an unexplainable connection really do exist in the world. My heart is happy knowing this.

Little did I know when I matched with him on Bumble that he didn’t live in San Francisco. He suggested getting together on Tuesday night, a night I had tickets to a much-anticipated concert. I told him Tuesday night didn’t work and suggested the following night instead. He responded saying that wouldn’t work, since Tuesday was his last night in San Francisco. What??!! He explained that he was traveling solo through the western United States.

Oh dear. I don’t act as tour guide and don’t like to date non-locals.

However, since he was staying in the area near the concert venue, he suggested meeting up afterward. My friend had to leave town immediately after the concert, so I said “fuck it” and agreed to meet him for drinks. Why not?!

It went against all my sensibilities.

He’s 31 years old, very handsome, and a mechanical engineer from Melbourne.

He was waiting for us outside the venue when the concert ended. There was immediate attraction and easy conversation. I introduced him to my friend, then we both walked her to her car. We interacted like old friends.

We said goodbye to my friend, then we walked to a bar he’d been wanting to try in Chinatown. He bought two cocktails for us to share. We couldn’t stop talking. It was a talking contest! No awkward silences. Easy banter. Curiosity. Questions. He was me in a different body and with an Australian accent.

We talked about work, family, travel, and dating. He said he didn’t typically date women younger than him because most were socially stunted and lack conversation skills. His theory blamed constant electronic use and Snapchat type social apps. Made sense, and made me realize I need to be more aware of this with my son. I don’t want him to become socially awkward because he’s too used to communicating with friends electronically.

Australian Cutie told me that a connection like ours was rare and special. It was.

He said twice during the evening, “I wish I’d met you earlier and not on my last night in town.”

He was adorable. I could have stared at him all night.

At one point, there was a slight lull in the conversation and he looked clearly contemplative. We were obviously very in tune with each other. I asked him what he was thinking. He appeared surprised I noticed and then said, “I was thinking of kissing you.”

So he did, and it was amazing. I melted.

We moved to the bar couch and continued kissing and touching. I traced my finger along his chest and his chin while he talked. Time stood still.

It was getting late. I had to work in a few hours, but I didn’t want the date to end. I suggested going to my place. He agreed.

Once home, we played each other some our favorite songs on Spotify. My daughter hadn’t put away her toys earlier that day before leaving for her dad’s and Australian Cutie commented that he thought it was “cute”. Swoon. This was a big improvement from Jon, who was clearly creeped out by the fact I had kids (when he saw my kids’ things, he said it was “weird”).

Soon Australian Cutie and I continued our sweet kisses, then had messy bloody sex. Damn my period! My bed looked like a crime scene. Who cared. I set the alarm (he had to leave by 4:30 am to pick up his rental car downtown) and we dozed off in each other’s arms on the bloody sheets.

Later, we said our hazy sleepy goodbyes in the dark. He apologized for having to leave so early and wished he could stay. More kisses.

And then he was gone. *sniff*

As disappointed as I am about our geographic incompatibility, I am now feeling refreshed and eager to date again. Good thing, too, as I have 4 dates scheduled over the next 3 days. Stay tuned.