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I had my 2nd date last night Joaquin. We had an awesome time. He picked me up at my house (so old-fashioned!) then we went to dinner at an upscale Mexican restaurant in my neighborhood. After dinner, we got coffee and frozen yogurt. Conversation flowed easily. He was his usual honest, expressive self. I was mesmerized and couldn’t take my eyes off him all night. He has the most gorgeous big blue eyes, full lips, and dimples.

We went back to my place and had so much sex that I lost track. We went through at least 8 condoms. He had packed an overnight bag so he could go straight to work this morning. We didn’t get to bed until 2:30 am and had to wake up at 7:30. *yawn*

Hayden had to cancel our date 2 nights ago due to illness. He was one of 4 guys I accidentally got sick (also afflicted were Smolder, Adonis, and Hipster). I was so disappointed when he canceled because it meant postponing for a week or more. If I’m lucky I’ll see him this weekend, though. I’m crossing my fingers. I’m inexplicably drawn to him.

I had a date with Smolder this evening but he canceled this morning due to a last-minute work event. I wasn’t surprised and kind of expected it, as I’ve noticed he’s been pulling back. He’s not as communicative on text as he used to be. He seemed really bent out of shape when he got sick and I feel like he’s been blaming me for it ever since.

Adonis texted me about a week ago and jokingly chastised me for getting him sick. He wanted to see me that evening but I had my kids. No word from him since.

Colombian Hottie has checked in a couple times since our daytime park and Olympics watching date but hasn’t asked me out again. In his defense, I’m pretty sure he left the ball in my court knowing I have a complicated custody schedule.

Hipster continues to check in multiple times per day. I like that. Maybe I’ll give him a second chance.

I have several new dudes on the horizon. A friend (hi, Christine!) recommended a dating app called Clover. I figured I’d try it out. Holy frenzy. It’s lots of fun, though. It’s similar to Tinder with the exception that you can see who’s already liked you. Once you both like each other, you can exchange messages (although paid members can message anyone, whether you’ve matched or not – a feature I don’t like).

The problem is that mostly young dudes use the app. Most guys are in their 20s (I only know because they’ve liked me). Youngest that liked me was 19. WTF. My lower limit is still set to age 30. I have “liked back” a few select 20-somethings. I have a drink date set with one for next week, a 26 year old. He looks like Prince Harry. We’ve been chatting regularly since matching a couple days ago; I like that he’s very responsive with the texts and is nicely keeping up his side of the conversation.

Today I had an afternoon coffee date scheduled with a 39 year old from Clover but had to cancel because I am taking an impromptu trip out-of-town. My sister is in labor and I’m going to be one of her birth coaches. I had to cancel a rescheduled date with Hayden for tomorrow night because of this, but hopefully we’ll get to see each other some time this weekend instead.

Signing off now. I’m heading out to purchase a rare cup of caffeinated coffee. I was just chastised by Joaquin for planning to drive 3-1/2 hours to the hospital when I’m operating on just 4 hours of sleep.

More later.