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I have a date with a giant tonight (this is the 26 year old Prince Harry look-alike). His profile said he was 6’6″. I said, “You’re just joking about being 6’6″, right?” He said he wasn’t.

Hipster continues texting several times each day. As of yesterday, he’s sending me pics of people he sees around town wearing those hideous frog-toed shoes. I told him the story of Frog on our first date. He kills me.

Luxe contacted me out of the blue a few days ago. Huge surprise! I hadn’t heard from him for several months, maybe even a year. He invited me over for a glass of wine and to check out his newly renovated backyard. We’ll probably see each other late next week.

Colombian Hottie asked to see me last night but it was impossible since I have my kids. I again re-iterated that due to my custody schedule and having very little free time, I carefully plan my free time in advance. He’s apparently having difficulty understanding this. I suggested next week; he was somewhat satisfied. I miss him and want to see him… and am trying to be honest with myself without misleading him or anyone else.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with Joaquin on Sunday. We are both on a quest to be completely honest with others and ourselves… but the difficulty lies in ourselves. Sometimes we don’t know what we want or how we feel about something.

Knowing what we truly want is an ongoing process – a journey – and is ever-changing.