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According to my personal dating equation, I should not date anyone younger than age 29-1/2. Harry is 26. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had a hunch we’d have a great time. He was sweet, polite, friendly, and fun over text.

Harry and I had matched exactly one week prior to our first date last night and on my first day on Clover. Of course, since he was below my desired age range, his profile was invisible to me until he “liked” me. I was a bit put off by his age at first but I liked what I saw in his profile so I “liked” him back. He immediately reached out with the first text; we have been texting regularly ever since. He wasn’t put off by inability to schedule a timely first date, so we scheduled for a week later.

He recommended a cocktail place near his house for our first date.


Name: Harry (he looks similar to Prince Harry), a.k.a. The Giant – he’s 6’6″ tall

Met on: Clover

26 years old, never married, no kids, events director





Because of Harry’s height and at Rob’s urging, I went against my standard shoe choice of flats and decided to wear heels instead. I also wore designer dark jeans, a sleeveless dressy top, and a black cotton motorcycle jacket.

Not wanting to drive after drinking a couple cocktails, I decided to take transit to the bar. There was some kid drama at pick-up, though, so I got a late start and let Harry know I’d be about 10 minutes late. He had already arrived at the bar a little early.

The bar was extremely dim when I first walked in – it was hard to see anything. I spotted a tall dude sitting at a table in the corner, figured it was him, and walked up and said hello. Thank goodness it was him! We gave each other a hug.

Dang, he was gorgeous! Much more attractive than Prince Harry. He was tall, lean, and chiseled. He had perfect hair: wavy, super thick, with a deep side part. Adorable smile. Beautiful eyes. Great voice.

He was already drinking a martini. I ordered a moscow mule.

Conversation flowed easily. He was fun to talk with! He was funny, engaging, insightful, and intelligent.

I learned both he and Hayden attended the same university, that he studied marketing, and that he was on the university crew team. He’d been living and working in San Francisco ever since graduation 3 years prior.

I was shocked to learn that he’d been in a bicycle accident just 4 months prior. As in… he was run over by a car. Literally run over and lived to tell about it! I was awestruck. He didn’t have any long-term effects from it. He had surgery to install pins in his pelvis, a month of recuperation, and has been back to normal life ever since, including riding his bike to work daily and working out at the gym. It blows my mind.

We talked about music, our families, college, caffeine (he has the same intolerance I do), relationships, dating, and the dating age equation. He said he was aware of the formula and quoted “half plus 7”. Geez, I really was the only person who had never heard of it! When asked, he admitted that I was the oldest person he’s ever dated… but said, “I think our date is going really well. Don’t you?” Oh hell yes it was. Then he said, “Who came up with that equation, anyway? It’s probably wrong. Who’s to say it’s not just “half” or “half plus 1″….?” We laughed. Yeah, the formula must be wrong!

After I’d had another moscow mule and a beer, we decided to head into the piano bar room where there was karaoke. We watched a bit but mostly talked, then he made a move and kissed me. Occasional mini-makeouts ensued. He was fun to kiss and his lips were so soft.

Soon, he suggested heading back to his place. Why not? We had intense chemistry and he was a gentleman. I was game.

We walked to his house hand-in-hand. Once in his bedroom, he put on some music then we attacked each other. We had passionate sex over the next 3 hours. I loved how he’d occasionally lift me up to change positions.

I finally left his place at 2:30 am. He immediately sent me a text saying, “I loved our time together.” Aww.

My first Uber didn’t arrive despite saying it picked me up (and charged me for a ride I didn’t take!). While waiting for a second Uber, I was approached by a drunk dude who had been celebrating his birthday with friends. He was using the most bizarre pick-up lines, i.e. “I wish I’d met you before that leaf fell from that tree” while eyeing a dead leaf in the gutter.

He asked for my phone number just as my Uber pulled up. Saved in the nick of time! I wasn’t interested; he was drunk. 10 seconds before talking to me he’d urinated on the side of a building.

I got just 4-1/2 hours of sleep last night. I dreamed of Harry. I dreamed that I introduced him to my family. Everyone loved him, and my mom exclaimed, “I didn’t know you were seeing anyone!” I responded, “I wasn’t! We’ve had just one date….” Hahaha

I’m exhausted. And I have a date with Joaquin tonight! Tonight will be another late night.

This morning on my way to work Harry texted me, “Even though I showered this morning I can still smell you on me and it’s making me hard.” Aww again! Hearts are shooting out of my eyes.

I’m still on Cloud 9 and am operating on adrenaline. I really, really like Harry.