Holy hell. I had a Bumble experience yesterday afternoon that angered me. Early yesterday I matched with a gorgeous guy named Matt, 42 years old, yoga instructor. Silly me for thinking that, as a yoga instructor, he might be too hippie and “new age” for me. (I was also thinking, ‘He’s age-appropriate, this is promising!’)

In reality, he was far from new age; he was outrageously arrogant.

When he asked me out for last night, I made the mistake of telling him I already had a date. Lesson learned. He urged me to break my plans. Are you fucking kidding me?!

I told him he’s not a nice guy if he thinks it’s ok to cancel on someone like that, especially since I made these plans last week. What makes him think he’s so special?

He could not accept that I had plans and wasn’t breaking them. He asked if I like cabernet and I said yes.

In a last attempt, he said, “Let’s meet at 10. I just got a wine club shipment today with an awesome cab.”

I responded, “That’s not happening. My plans are at 8:30.”

When he said, “Break your plans with that loser”, I lost it. The disrespect and self-importance were astounding and I hadn’t even met him yet. He might have been trying to be funny, but I didn’t find it humorous.

I restrained myself from telling him to go fuck himself. Instead, I simply unmatched and saved myself the drama. I knew responding would open up an argument war.

This guy was an asshole, yes, but it also proves that older isn’t necessarily better behaved.

My date last night was incredible, by the way. On cloud 9 today! Update coming soon.