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I had 5 dates scheduled during my 5-day kid-free stretch. I already detailed my one-and-done date with Clark.

Thursday night: Joaquin

Joaquin was supposed to arrive at 6:30. As is typical with him, he was late. I should know this by now. He didn’t arrive until 7:20 and, by that point, I was ravenous and in a hypoglycemic crash. Not good. I was agitated and hangry. It took much longer than necessary to figure out what we were going to do for dinner. In the end, we decided get take-out from a neighborhood Indian restaurant and he would pick it up. We didn’t eat until after 8 and I was a wreck.

After eating, things started looking up again. I did the dishes while he made coffee. Then we settled on the couch to watch a Howard Stern video on YouTube, while he occasionally offered Oreos out of his backpack, but didn’t get very far. We started making out; one thing led to another. It was hot! He was dominantly forceful, commanding me to come over and over while he pleased me every way he could. Then it was his turn. He was stressed and exhausted so it took him longer to cum than usual. 2 hours! Damn. I was emotionally and physically spent afterward. I collapsed into bed. He stayed up to clean the coffee paraphernalia and eat the Indian food leftovers.

We got ready for work the next morning together, then he dropped me off at my Muni station on his way into the office.

Our time together always feels intimate, comfortable, and familiar.

Friday night: Hayden

Hayden arrived at my house at 6. We had agreed that we’d figure out what we were going to do about dinner once he arrived. I made us a couple cocktails while we discussed our plans for the evening. We decided to go out for Japanese food.

We got frisky during cocktails and had sex 3x over the next 1.5 hours. At 7:30, we were both ravenous but it felt so good lying in each other’s arms that it was difficult to pry ourselves apart. We eventually succeeded and walked down the hill to a neighborhood Japanese restaurant.

Somehow, the topic of shopping came up. I jokingly asked if he’d ever go with me to help pick out things and, to my surprise, he said yes. He said, “I have friends who go shopping with their girlfriends. I wouldn’t mind. I really like you. It would be fun.” Whoa. I told him I’d like to help him pick out some things, too, and he said he’d love that.

We picked up a 6 pack of Hoegaarden beer at a liquor store and caught an Uber back up the hill to my place. We settled onto the couch to drink beer and watched 3 episodes of Stranger Things. Once in bed, we had sex over and over again. It was awesome. I love that he can constantly climax, i.e. after just a 5 minute recharge.

I’ve mentioned before that Hayden calls me Baby during sex. On Friday night I told him I like it when he calls me Baby. He said, “You are my baby.” Hearing that tugged at my heartstrings.

The next morning, we once again had difficulty prying ourselves out of bed. Once we were successful, we showered together and got ready. I took longer than him, which I apologized for… but he was so easy going about it and told me not to worry and to take my time.

He bought me breakfast at a little neighborhood diner, then we parted ways for the day. We both had errands to run.

Saturday night: Smolder

I arrived at Smolder’s place at 6:30. I hadn’t seen him in a month; he looked as good as I’d remembered. And his voice. OMG, his voice alone turned me on. I had forgotten that part. He made us Sambuca cocktails while we agreed on a plan: Head to the nearest sushi restaurant half a block away.

After dinner we headed to his crazy neighborhood dive bar filled with drunks. One 60-something year old woman was flashing everyone. Smolder kept shaking his head and apologizing but I thought it was hilarious. We had 2 beers each then headed back to his place.

He made us whiskey cocktails back at his place and turned on some music. I think I have already mentioned that Smolder is a drummer and hugely into music. He introduced me to Ohio-based band Lovedrug that night, which I’ve been obsessed with ever since. Here’s one of my favorite songs: One of the Family. I love the switch between major and minor chords.

We started kissing then things heated up quickly. He invited me to stay the night, which I was a bit surprised by. I was not prepared – I didn’t have face wash, toothbrush, etc. with me – but also decided it would better not to drive after drinking. So we talked and had passionate sex over and over until 3 in the morning. He even shared some secret fantasies with me that he’d never told anyone before.

The next morning, he invited me to stay for breakfast (so sweet) but I had to run to Trader Joe’s before it got too late. Trader Joe’s turns into a mob scene on Sundays.

I felt like hell and looked like hell but, after he walked me to the door and we said our goodbyes, I took off from his house to go straight to Trader Joe’s.

Sunday evening: Colombian Hottie

I had a horrible headache all of Sunday. It wasn’t a hangover headache. (I actually still have it – it’s Monday evening.) After running to Trader Joe’s, I spent most of the day in bed.

Colombia Hottie texted me asking me what I was doing. I told him laying in bed. He said he was doing the same. I asked if he was available and he said yes. It wasn’t an ideal time to see him, but I knew that it would be a while before I’d see him again so I jumped on the opportunity. I had to pick up my kids at 8 pm. He arrived at 6. As usual, it was so good to see him.

We had hot & passionate sex twice (he bit my arm the first time and left a nasty bruise) then we snuggled up on the couch to watch the tail end of a movie on HBO. We were both exhausted and not feeling that well. He was quiet, which was a first. Usually he talks nonstop.

We both left together and parted ways when it was time for me to pick up the kids. We have plans to see each other again in a little over a week.

And so concludes my 5-day kid-free stretch until mid October. Due to a weekend switch I did with Mars back in July, I now have custody of the kids for the next 3 weekends in a row. This means my dating life will come to a near-standstill. I’ll have just 2 kid-free nights per week.

My 2 kid-free nights this week will be spent with Hayden and Joaquin.