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Last weekend was rough in terms of sex injuries. Nothing major, just annoying.

On Saturday night I sucked Smolder’s tongue a little too hard and tore his lingual frenulum. Oops. I felt horrible! I checked in with him yesterday, asking if it had healed, and he said no.

As for me, I have horrendous bruises on my upper arms and one at the base of my neck. One of the bruises on my arm is where Colombian Hottie bit me. I have no clue how I got the others… or from whom. Colombian Hottie? Smolder? Hayden?

Pic below. Sorry, I took the pic as soon as I got out of the shower and later regretted showing so much skin. Please excuse the crude photo editing.


I covered the bruises with makeup today but they’re still visible. I hope Joaquin doesn’t notice tonight.

Harry/Cary wants to see me on both my kid-free nights next week. Yes, please. However, it also means I won’t be able to see Joaquin or Hayden. What a dilemma!

I forgot to update that I deleted Tinder last week. Bumble, Clover, and/or OK Cupid are next. I have enough trouble juggling the guys I have; the last thing I need are more newbies in the mix! I’m still having trouble scheduling a first date with 3 newbies.

Hey, you in the mirror

I like your smile, I like your heart

-“Notions” by Lovedrug