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I thought I’d provide an update on a few familiar names: Adonis, Truth or Dare, The Blond Mandarin, Luxe, and Clark.

Josie will be disappointed to learn that Adonis now has a girlfriend. He contacted me a couple weeks ago from a new phone number, explaining that he had a new work phone. That may partly explain why I didn’t hear from him for so long.

Adonis wanted to chat on the phone last Thursday night but I was exhausted and told him I was going to bed early. We agreed to catch up this week. Yesterday I sent him a text asking him how his weekend went. He said, “It was great. I hung out with friends and my new GF.” I congratulated him on the girlfriend. He thanked me.

His wanting to chat, though, makes me wonder if he was going to tell me about his new girlfriend over the phone or if his relationship status changed so quickly since then.

Truth or Dare apparently has a girlfriend, too. I know this only because we’re Facebook friends, and every photo he’s posted in the past few weeks he’s been with a pretty blonde woman named Karen. He seems really happy and much better adjusted. He’s given me helpful feedback/advice/info on Facebook-posted topics and even sent me a message wishing me a happy birthday earlier this month on my birthday.

The Blond Mandarin contacted me via OK Cupid last week to tell me about a huge book fair event and again last night to ask if I watched the presidential debate. We exchanged a few messages; I learned he’s considering a relocation to Los Angeles. He says he likes to relocate once every 3 years and he’s getting close to that time. He says he misses warm weather.

I didn’t see Luxe as originally planned a couple weeks ago. You probably figured that. There was apparently a scheduling misunderstanding and, as it turned out, he was flying to New York (he recently bought a loft in SoHo and now splits his time between SF and NY) the only night I was available. I haven’t heard from him since.

Oh! Editing to include Clark….

I’ve noticed that his OK Cupid profile has been deleted or disabled since our date. I’m a bit surprised. If he really was honest when he told me he wanted to keep searching for what was missing with me, I wonder just how he plans to do that.