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I am going down the rabbit hole… dating younger and younger. Prior to last night’s date, the youngest I had knowingly* dated was Harry/Cary, age 26. Last night’s date was 23.

He was awesome.

Ten and I met about 5 or 6 weeks ago on Clover. He was tall, handsome, worldly, well-educated, fluent in 3 languages, and successful. A good guy. A fellow Virgo (his birthday is 3 days after mine). But, yes, young. Honestly, his age was a turn-off. What would I have in common with a 23 year old?!

I was willing to find out. It would be an experiment.

Ten said that he typically dates older women. The oldest he’s dated was 48. That was a good sign. I was a preference, not just a challenge or a fetish as with some younger guys.

I was getting nervous as we were planning our evening last night. He wanted to come over to my house to “watch a movie and snuggle.” For a first date? No. I was not happy with his suggestion. I told him I’d like to meet at a bar. He was disappointed but agreed.

Later in the evening, he became less responsive through text and I started to believe the date would be called off. I texted him at 8 to tell him I was leaving the east bay and would arrive back in San Francisco around 9. Since I would be driving through his neighborhood on my way back home, I asked if he’d like to meet in his neighborhood.

I didn’t hear back from him until I was almost home and had already passed his neighborhood. Oy.

But I responded back and told him I’d venture back out after going home first. In hindsight, I should have asked him to meet me in my neighborhood or at least halfway but, since I had already driven so much that day, what was a little more driving in the grand scheme of things? I offered to pick him up at his place.

Name: Ten

Met on: Clover

23 years old, in sales for a sustainable energy start-up company, never married, no kids

I arrived at his place at 10. He walked up to my car and got in. Holy shit. He was a perfect 10. And his voice! I was in love with his voice and told him so. We hugged.

He said, “Wow, you’re gorgeous. Can I kiss you?” We kept kissing and hugging and smiling.

We decided to go to Zeitgeist, a German beer garden near his house. We got a couple beers (kolsch for me, IPA for him) and sat side-by-side at a picnic table outside. It was a gorgeous evening.

I listened to his amazing voice tell me about growing up in Hong Kong and living and working in Beijing for a year after high school before heading to college at a prestigious private university in southern California. He also told me all about his new job.

We talked a bit about our age difference. My new theory: There is no minimum age as long as both people are consenting adults. Screw the dating equation formula!

After we finished our beer, he suggested going back to his place. Why the fuck not?

We headed straight to his bedroom and made out. As he started undressing me, I told him I couldn’t have sex with him. I hoped mention of my period day 1 (i.e. heavy) would deter him but he offered to put down towels. Impressive. Then I had to inform him of my infection. Admittedly not a great first date impression.

I sucked his cock and he climaxed profusely all over my chest. Afterward we laid side by side snuggled together for a while but I could tell he was fading.

We both got dressed and he walked me to my car. It was midnight. Shortest date ever! No complaints from me, though. I was exhausted from my dates the prior 2 nights in a row.

I was home by 12:20.

Tonight I have a date with Smolder. I already informed him I am abstaining from alcohol and sex. I gave him opportunity to back out but he didn’t accept. He asked, “What should we get ourselves into?” I responded, “You mean since we can’t have sex for hours like we usually do? Good question!” I suggested a movie or live music. To be determined.

*In December 2014, I went on a first date with a guy on Tinder that said he was 39. On our date I found out he was 21. We had a great first date but there was no second date for various reasons.