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I’m seeing Joaquin tonight. I can’t wait! I’m feeling a little naughty and hope to shake things up by becoming the dominant one tonight if he’s willing. We also have dinner plans.

Hayden  just texted me to ask if he can see me tomorrow. Yes, please. I’m looking forward to seeing him again. I’ll have the kids so we’ll likely watch another movie, maybe play some board games. I am still laughing about some of our commentary while watching Maleficent on Monday night.

My date fell through last night. He had forgotten we’d made plans and couldn’t make it because it was a holiday for him. He was fasting and had to go to synagogue. He felt really bad and kept apologizing. I told him not to worry about it.

I tried making plans with another newbie in the wings, a 36 year old FBI agent who lives in the south bay. I met him on Bumble several weeks ago. He was gung ho about meeting up and planned to drive the 50 miles north to San Francisco… but then got burnt out around 7 pm and asked if we could reschedule. He was exhausted and had to be up early at 5 am for work this morning. I told him no worries, we’d reschedule as soon as possible.

Then I tried making plan with a local newbie I’d been chatting with on Clover the past 6 weeks, but he was getting tipsy watching the Giants/Cubs game.

A first date last night was just not meant to be. No biggie. After the kids left at 8, I finished watching the Giants/Cubs game (really disappointing), cleaned up the house, worked out, listened to music, and unsuccessfully planned to go to bed early.